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Day 2 of chemo begins.

Moments ago she received her first dose of day 2 of the regimen.

She has been able to rest peacefully all day. She has an eye cover to block the light and soothing sleep music on Spotify.

Doctors are watching the platelet counts tonight and expect that they will drop below the level needed where she will need a blood transfusion. All expected and we are ready for it.

Andrew made it in to visit last night and today Christopher is in. She is enjoying the visit where she can but it has been for me a joy to have them involved.

Honestly she is not her vibrant fiery self today but still gets up and makes the bathroom trips. She is a warrior. And warriors know that you have to prepare for the battle. The beautiful full of life woman is in the inside letting cancer know it has no place here. I am sure she is telling cancer stories of her strength. Her story of that night in Paris where she wielded a knife at the table. To her laughter at me on the road to Hana. To the times we just laugh about funny words and the irritation of any charge to the credit card no matter what time of day or night.

Illness is not welcome in her. I know she is looking forward to a night of dancing, a day on the boat, and our travels to destinations not reached.

As you lay down tonight I ask you to remember a fond, joyful moment and send those vibes her way. She will beat this and be stronger than ever.

– Mike

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