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Day 3 of chemo

It has been a quiet restful day today. I, Mike, got to make a run home and get a fresh shower and change out some clothes and do a few things around the house. Back to Michele.

Her numbers continue to improve. The kidney doctors, no longer on the case. YAY!

As I am writing this we are just about done with the first dose of Day 3. The next will come in the early hours of the morning. She is in good spirits and the only thing I am worried about is her learning to sleep later than me on the weekends. 8-).

What do we need? It is an odd question to answer. We are empty nesters with modest requirements really. But then… our world moving forward is going to be different. I am still looking for a good site that can describe the treatment regimen. No luck yet. What I do know is that WE will have a new rhythm in our lives. That rhythm will include “any other doctors’ appointments” on any given day. (insider dial session humor).

Christopher and I started talking about that question. What do we need? Being he is an engineer working in the commercial HVAC industry, we started talking about how things like air filters and humidity are going to be more important. The good news is that I have the first on a recurring order ( {Willing to be paid for an endorsement.} We will figure out humidity as well. What about other things that we all too often ignore since we are healthy!

Clean good smelling air. That should be easy to ask for help on and many are already on that idea.

Another very clear reality is hair loss. Now we know Michele will “ROCK” any hair style, including shaved. I also have many friends that have been waiting for me to join their no hair club! We are not sure if she is going to be a hat person, a bandana person, or a wig person just yet. I have always heard that a wig can be a fun way to go! I will personally go with the hat as I might not rock the wig as well as my buddies Joe and Kevin. They know who they are.

Everyday items and food will help in time. This is the part we will learn more about in the coming weeks. Some friends have started a wish list on amazon, I guess like a registry for a wedding. The devil in me says I should go big or go home on things to request. 8-). Honestly, we don’t know, but I think the best way for us to manage it will be through some timely request here as we need. So stay tuned.

Somethings about your spouse you are never to share. So I won’t here. BUT. I will say some sounds that she makes are music to my ears. It is comforting to hear her resting and doing what she always does. Wakes up and asks me questions. Yes she even asked me about the parking here at the hospital and if it was expensive. She is relentless.

Many have you have said how helpful this blog is for staying informed. Well this blog is helpful for us to stay of healthy mind. We are writing the greatest success story ever written. Stay tuned.

Good night my friends – Mike

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