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Mondays and multitudes of Doctors

Mike again here. She is resting during the day for the most part.

Many people have asked “why not MD Anderson if you are in Houston?” You all should be happy to know that University of Texas Medical Branch and University of Texas MD Anderson share the faculty. If you didn’t know what the building said on the outside, the faculty doctors all wear their MD Anderson lab coats so you would believe you are there anyway. We are in great hands.

She is continuing to respond well to the treatment. We will start the Day 3 dosage this afternoon around 5pm. They are keeping her very comfortable during this whole process.

Our youngest son, Christopher, has been around yesterday and will be here some more today. He joined Toastmasters not too long ago and we were laughing about how much Michele learned when she was in the program. In fact, we know some of you reading this from her time in Toastmasters. I am smiling a bit because as each of these doctors, fellows, and residents come through I feel that my ability to repeat back to the faculty what the earlier doctors said somehow affects their grade and rating 8-). We all could use toastmasters for communication (this was not a paid endorsement)

Chris Alleman out on the paddle board.

Blood work is as good as we can expect with many things that were of concern on Saturday are in normal ranges. Now to a new thing for all of us.

Ommaya Reservoir

No. This is not some fancy lake we are going to whisk off too. The type of cancer has a tendency to infect the spinal fluid which can affect the nervous system/brain.

So she finally becomes a true cyborg! Well maybe not but this port they will put just under her skin will help her with delivering the chemo doses needed to go into the spinal cord fluid. It was this or multiple lumbar punctures. The punctures are certainly interesting to see (once) but would not want to do repeatedly.

Michele is always one to stop pain meds as soon as possible and rarely finishes a medicine because she just starts feeling fine. With this life threatening disease you have to face it with some help. I will say that she responds “really well” to pain and anxiety meds. We have been laughing about some of the things that she is thinking or seeing in her minds eye. Today it was a person making balloon animals and wanting to know how he was able to make the head of the animal. Ha Ha. I am more than happy to oblige in the story and see how elaborate we can make it. And then we just start laughing!

Michele is known as a fighter and A type personality who will say what she wants when she wants. She is also incredibly funny and spontaneous and will out dance anyone. We were just out Saturday night a week ago dancing and despite only going one song at a time, you would just know that “She loves to dance and will do so even if I don’t want too.”

Thank you all for continuing the love and support. This is a months to years journey. I know she will want to appear normal and healthy as soon as she can. Even this morning, she insisted on walking the ward hall to go look at the Galveston Ship Channel.

People are also asking about me and checking on me. Well it is not easy. I am here to hold her and care for her as we vowed so many years ago. I am amazed at the people that depend on me for things have said “Do not worry, we got it.” But I have a strength driven by love and I will be here with her first.

In the words of our friend…

Breath dog. Breath!

Stephen Davies
  • Mike
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