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Rise and Shine!

Great news to start the day! She has been taken off the IV fluids! I will miss the random “Downline Occlusion” alarms. NOT!

Now for the call for help!

Thanks to the incredible Janee Broussard, we have a team going and a fundraiser site for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Light the Night!” event. There are options to find an event close to you to participate. I have the fundraising page active in facebook and at this direct link. Please help to raise funds for this cause will be appreciated! We expect to send out emails and other friends and family as many are not on social media directly.

The Amazon list

Several asked… “What Amazon List?” so I am including the link this morning. We know we will need more things as time goes on so save the link and keep coming back.

Receiving the grace of others.

I appreciate all the warm words and the acceptance of everyone in following this blog. As our business grew and we started speaking more from the small meetings to the big stage, thanks and praise can get overwhelming. The gifts and desire to help in times like this can be the same way. A lot of people may say “We don’t need anything or help, or you don’t have to do anything”, but the reality is that the help and gifts are as much for the giver as it is the receiver.

So we need your help, we appreciate your words, and in time, there will be space for visitors. We will hopefully figure out how to post a video here soon so you can see and hear her in her own words. Use the two resources above to show your love and support.

I am looking forward to her own words here again.

  • Mike
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