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Saturdays are for roller coasters

Cancer chooses your day.

Michele is confined to her room today. Her WBC numbers are too low and means she is a high risks for infection. Even a fall in this condition could be fatal. Yes. that is what we are told.

Something about these doctors that just are very direct and no B.S. Naturally, she was not happy as the walks around the ward have been a sign of improvement. So it is puzzles, tv, and…

She gets a new Iphone Pro MAX!

Thank you AT&T for making it a deal we could not pass up. So after hearing the above news, I packed up and headed back down the hospital with phone in tow. It turns out it is just the right medicine. She has Spotify jamming on the phone and just threatened to get me up and dance with her. See doctors note above as why that is not happening today. We also discovered that while the CAMERA is really good, we are still not quiet ready for high definition cancer hair and face.

Getting the phone setup and making sure all the little apps work is a much needed distraction. She loves it!

Linda is a rock (star)

Her sister has been staying with her for a few nights to allow me some rest and getting some work done. Bills still need to get paid, her car needed inspecting and a surprise flat repair, and I needed to look at her life policies to see which ones had living benefit riders she would qualify for. Good thing I know some reps and the doctors show up daily so easy to get an attending physician statement.

Back to Linda. Her sister is a recent cancer survivor and has always been a stabilizing force in the family. She spent most of her life teaching music in the schools and went right to work on helping Michele get a schedule. It takes an Angel to really step in and get the basics of life back in front of you. Linda also approaches life with child like wonder and enthusiasm and it is such a precious thing in need at the moment.

Today she is praying with a Rosary I bought Linda in Paris from the Basilica. It was a day that Michele was not feeling well and stayed in that day while a group of us went on a tour. I am not sure if we would have went inside that day if we had not had a rain storm hit right when we were at the top of the Hill for the Basilica. God knows the plan. Everyone say Amen!

Looking ahead a bit

We are hopeful that with the numbers looking good and the last chemo for this cycle coming in 3 days, that we will be home soon. The Doctors are a bit confusing on when that might be. In the Hierarchy of doctors the oncologist rule this one. Thank you Dr V. for having a positive view on the road ahead. And he is working on the referral for MD Anderson in the medical center who have the truest premier doctors in the world that work with this cancer.

GUT CHECK. There has always been an internal gut check within me that guides weather I take one course or another. Just last year Michele and I had this big discussion about the rising cost of our healthcare and looking at options that would be less expensive. Lord bless me for being stubborn on this one. And our goal is to either get our current provider to cover MD Anderson, or find a provider that does and we can make those changes without concern for a pre-existing condition. One of the best benefits to come from the affordable care act. (all other political commentary or assumptions do not apply) 😎

She is jamming to Michael Jackson

I am going to wrap this up. She is a true inspiration. She is her bed going through emails and dancing in her bed. She just made me laugh saying she told the nurse when she was cleaning out her IV lines she wanted a double bourbon and coke on the next one. Being down does not suit her. She is fighter and a winner and following the song she is going to be “shaking her body down to the ground!”

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