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Mondays are for Doctors

But first! A picture from Sunday.

Mondays and doctors and reports and more.

Where are we?

The blood transfusion did raise the platelets as expected. The other numbers are staying relatively stable. We remain on schedule for the next dose of chemo tomorrow. We are also hopeful for returning home by the end of the week.

Michele is getting fully dressed and putting her makeup on daily now. She is looking great and outside of her being tired you would not know she is sick.

The weeks ahead

The doctors are still focused on today. For now we are working on getting the house cleaned, ac unit health checked, and clearing out other things we have to do to prepare.

What we know is that we are battling to help her immune system stay safe. We know to stay away from hot tubs and pools for now. But I am pretty sure she has plans to be in the back yard getting sun as soon as she can.

Friends want to see her. And I am sure we will find a way to accommodate. Be patient in the process.

Sunday was a very quiet day so we took a day off from posting.

Tomorrow is a big day. Keep sending your prayers.

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