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Cycle 1 is done

Today. Well. Michele is feeling like herself again.

We have had a good quiet day. Started off with a nap and waited for the doctors. The hemoglobin was low and so we had a blood infusion this morning. We were worried we we may not be able to do the last chemo dose today.

We press on!

We were able to press forward with the chemo! I cannot put into words how grateful we were to get this first chemo cycle complete. We now have to wait for the different blood counts to rise and then we can go home.

We arrive to a renewed home!

Neighbors, friends, and family have been incredible. When I asked if anyone had a connection to someone to clean our air ducts I had quick referral. From that we were able to get an inspection done and discovered that after 20 years we need a new complete system. Well we kinda knew the answer.

Today the installation is being done and Jonathan, Katrinia, and Kevin worked together to assist in keeping watch over the installation. I am amazed at how the crews have worked to truly complete this job in record time! Thank you Jose for superior service. Shameless plug.

And the good stuff continues! We are getting to watch Michele’s favorite show dancing with the stars. Thank you YouTube tv!

Horror night with DWTS

We are going to switch up the Astros in a bit.

Before we go

Happy second anniversary to Jonathan and Megan Yeakey. We are so proud of you two. Such a blessing to have y’all in our life and business. Thank you for keeping it going ang growing! And. Megan had us in cheers of joy today when she sent us a song that she sent to mom in the morning of the wedding. Grab the tissues.

Good night!

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