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Surgery complete.

Well surgery went a little long but it is done and she is in recovery. And we should be able to go home tonight instead of staying over.

Got my hospital ninja on

The treatments can continue and that should be early next week.

It may be no surprise that when they went in they discovered that the space to put the catheter for the port was smaller than anticipated. Smaller? Well I say it is because her beast of a mind and brain is taking up more room. 😃.

Layman’s terms is this thing is a tube with tiny holes around it to distribute the chemo to the fluid. You want all the holes to be in the fluid space. So they took extra time with it and got it right. The CT scan confirmed it was all good.

I am happy we will be home today. Planning to enjoy more days at home.

Thank you all for your prayers, text, words, comments and offers to help. This is a journey for all of us that know and love Michele.

She would also want me to tell you that she worked a full day yesterday because she was feeling good. She loves her clients and talking to them and helping them. And I cannot thank our staff for keeping so many things moving. Thank you Morgan McQueen, Madison Abshire, and Kim Bolton for taking the calls and keeping things moving.

The sun will continue to shine and she will continue the fight and defeat this cancer.


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