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Cycle 2!

After a weekend visit from Christopher, we got last minute items done. Early Tuesday morning we took a nice leisurely ride back down to Galveston.

A different view

All checked in. It is interesting that you basically get a call with your room number in the morning. You then stop at the front desk as any visitor would to get a sticker. Then you go straight to the room. This time we are on the other side of the floor so the supply chain will have to be on its own this time.

We have been on some really fancy trips but not one yet where they meet you in the room to complete the registration and intake process. Watch out resorts!!! We now have a higher standard. Lol.

The room service though!

Well the downside is that we have staff in throughout the night to draw blood from one of us and keep fluids pumping! So maybe we roll back the standard a bit. Lol.

Later today they will begin the cocktail service. The way they explained it, she will have like three straight shots of tequila followed by fireball. Then a steady flow of drinks for 22 hours. I am trying not to remember the names of the drugs.

This is cycle 2 of 8. There will be this one marathon day followed by 3 days of another drug. We will then wait for signs of the first drug to clear the system before being released. We expect to be home next Tuesday Or Wednesday.

Better prepared?

I will say we came ready for the stay. We have our own sheets for the bed. We have her essential oil infuser going. We have the soothing music to drown out the noises of the hospital and the night masks to block the light.

Emotionally it was a little harder coming into this week as we knew it was coming. What will this round do? How will she feel? Will this be harder on recovery?

It is just the next step and we will take it.

Going to squeeze in another hour of sleep.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.

– Mike


14 thoughts on “Cycle 2!

  1. Love and miss you guys. Wish I could give you a big hug. I know the light at the end of the tunnel seems like just another train, but eventually, it’ll be a tequila sunrise on a cruise we’re all on together. Keep hanging in there.

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  2. Michelle, hang in there we know God is in control and he will see you through, you are in our daily prayers for God to give you both Strength, Hope and Healing with every process as you both trust in him for results. 🙏🏻💗✨💙

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  3. You have more prayers than you know as I add you to my prayer groups as I contact my friends here and there around the world. One step at a time is all that is asked. Just being there makes it easier! For you and for her.


  4. Mike you are both in my prayers. Started 1st round of chemotherapy yesterday. Stage 4 breast can in 2018. Numerous parts of my body. All clear more than 2 years ago. A small amount showed up in new places so going under treatment again. Not as serious as last time but I have to be careful with Covid out there.


  5. Praying the chemo gets rid of all of the cancer and that your healthy cells are protected and you remain strong. In Jesus name I pray! 🙏🙏❤️❤️
    We think about ya’ll daily and wish we could do more. It’s frustrating for us that love you to sit back and wait. Thank you for this blog!! I’m so ready to go on our next adventurous vacation with you guys. Hurry up already!! 😂😘😘💓

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  6. We continue to keep you and your family in our prayers. I happen to know Michele, like all the other Verrets in our family, is a solid fighter! I also happen to know mindset and of course great doctors, are pivotal. It sounds as though Michele has it all covered. Keep it up, we are all praying for your success. Kathy Verret Coffee

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  7. Love you guys so much. Emile and I are praying so hard for Michelle. I claim complete healing from the top of Michelle’s head to the bottom of her feet. I pray for peace and comfort, no pain and no sickness during this round of chemo.

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  8. Curious about the service at this resort? Do they have a turned down service and leave chocolate mints on the pillows? Do they make animals out of the towels?

    Love you guys

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  9. My precious friends – I would not wish this on my worst enemy, which makes it so difficult to watch, as you are my best of friends!! How do all those who love you sit and watch this happen, knowing there is little we can do?
    I’ll tell you how. By the grace of the Lord, with His endurance, mercy, strength and provision! We get on our knees & deliver up prayers! Keeping all eyes on God for healing, courage and protection for both of you!
    Love you to forever and back! Thank you for finding courage to post these updates, mixed in with a bit of the humor you both are so amazing at doling out. It’s for our good at much as yours, I’m sure! You are both so selfless in caring for those around you, even though you’ve every right to be selfish at this moment and not one would blame you. It’s worth saying again – LOVE YOU TO FOREVER AND BACK! God Bless you both!

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  10. You got this. With Ginny we took it one step at a time – let’s just get through this next infusion … Step by step. We’re still praying and asking for intercession from St Peregrine patron Saint for cancer.

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