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The First Brain download today

Well, that is what we are going to call it! The Ommaya Reservoir was placed last Friday. It is healing nicely. Today, we start the Infusion through the reservoir. They say it is about a 15 minute process and she may feel a few things afterwords. It is a direct path into the spinal fluid.

Yesterday she was a more tired than the day before. So we took some time just to be together and hang out. The Hospital survival kit includes an HDMI cable to the back of the TV and a bluetooth speaker connected to my laptop. (Soon I will have the adapter from the office for the IPAD).

So we spent the day between medicines and naps beginning to watch Yellowstone. Our friends Kevin and Phyllis have been telling us about it for sometime. We bit the bullet to signup for yet another streaming services (Peacock) to watch the early seasons. That is another whole thought to dive into later.

We enjoyed it tremendously as we finished Season 1 last night. It was sure some twist and turns in life. These shows make me grateful that while I am sure we have a couple of decent story lines in our life, that we don’t have enough for a full season (yet!).

We should have one more light round of chemo today. Overall, this stay has been less eventful and she has been feeling relatively well through it all.

Around noon time we should have the chemo through the reservoir and then a relaxing afternoon. Continued prayers are welcome..


5 thoughts on “The First Brain download today

  1. Mike, y’all’s lives may not be an episode of Yellowstone (which I have not yet watched either ;o) ) but I do live to get your updates. Thank you for taking such good care of Michele!


  2. I’m praying 🙏 continuely for my friend and the entire family and friends of Michele. God has her in his hand.


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