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Back home

Michele survived the two doses of Chemo through the Ammaya Reservoir without much of a hitch. She was able to return home on Monday night. It has been a blur of a couple of days as we have had a couple of appointments the last couple of days.

We know that she will have a few challenges with strength in the coming days, but it is only temporary. Next week we will begin the process of integration over to MD Anderson Leukemia center. In the mean time, we both hope you all have a great holiday and spend time with the friends and family that mean the most to you.

Love, Mike and Michele


3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. May God continue to bless you and bring healing. I am certain this Thanksgiving holiday will have special meaning now, as everyday new day does. Thank you for keeping us updated. Love you both and appreciate your friendship dearly!
    Kat & Aaron

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  2. So much to be thankful for. Yes praise God for the wonderful Drs you have taking care of you. Praise God you will live and not die. You will be made strong by his loving hand. His amazing Grace.

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