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Long day and still going

We are learning much today at MD Anderson. First is that it is a huge place. After our initial new patient consult, we did blood work and were given time to get food and walk around. Just within the main building of the center it is much bigger than I thought.

We made it to the quiet observation deck floor. We found “the park”, which the best way to describe is like the promenade deck on a big cruise ship!

We finish our walk around

When we get back to the doctor’s office to meet our oncologist, we discover some other numbers are low and they want me to push her around in a wheelchair the rest of our time here. Michele is a warrior. But we now have wheels.

We learned how to get around from building to building. Not only do they have enclosed walkways called sky bridges, but they also have gold cart mini shuttles. The drivers are super nice and gave us shortcut directions.

Another Xray

All I can think is that there must be some big differences in Xray Machines as everyone wants to do their own. LOL. I will say that the ones here are VERY nice! Got that done and back on the cart to come back to the infusion center.

New Blood

We get our name called and are sent back to another room to start our blood infusion. After everything is setup we figure another 30 minutes to an hour? Nope. 2 and half to 3 hours.

The news everyone wants to hear.

The doctor believes that the cancer may already be in a remission state. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there is more to the story. This facility is the #1 Leukemia Center in the world! What they found over the years is that if they stopped treatments when they thought the battle was over, it would come back. As we say… “The beatings will continue until morale improves”.

New Routine

What we know now in treatment here at MD Anderson Cancer Center is that we will be here 2-3 times a week for lab work and if needed, infusions to help counter what they see. Then there will be more rounds of Chemo ahead. We may not see a 3 week stay again, but we are quite sure we will see 4-5 day stays for the next 6 cycles. Then we will have maintenance treatments.

Live from the infusion center!

The halls have souls

This place has a way of reminding us that Cancer is a beast and there are so many people in the fight. Every patient here is a Cancer Patient. In the halls and cafes, you will find people with IV Trees walking around. We saw one woman wheeled into the gift shop with the help of a care giver and nurse to buy something. We say next to the Childrens retreat room for a bit. No one over 30 allowed. We also discovered many areas that are setup for people to rest and get away from the areas where they are calling patients back into a room.

It reminds me of some of the airports around the world. Hospitals and airports have these things in common:

  • they are massive structures.
  • there are many areas the public are not allowed to go.
  • the people in the halls today, won’t be the same people you will see tomorrow.
  • they may be the same people you see on the same day next week.
  • there are armies of people working behind the scenes to make things run smoothly.
  • Miracle workers are quietly doing their job to help the souls they are entrusted to serve.

We realized today that all the things we have experienced, trained on, and lived through have prepared us for this very day.

When we cry because we are overwhelmed with so many people battling cancer, our hearts have been molded to share that empathy.

When we are grateful that our news is good, we know that others have fought the hard battles and sacrificed to allow the doctors learn how to win the next war.

We also are humbled to know that no matter how big we think we are in our own world, there is a bigger world out there. Cancer cells know nothing of our bank accounts, social media, or empires built or destroyed. They only came to fight and we know that the fighter we know as Michele will win.

We love all of you for caring about this fight.

Mike and Michele


20 thoughts on “Long day and still going

  1. As we head to bed we read about your journey in fighting this cancer. You are not alone Michelle and Mike. We stand in the gap for you when you are tired and painfully battling this illness with our prayers and love. We ask Jesus to complete your healing Michelle and know of his great love for you and everyone in your family. It is such a blessing to know you. We are grateful over the years how you have helped us and many others to meet the work struggles with hope, encouragement and good practices to care for the people brought to us for help.
    Carry on Michelle and Mike. Love from up North, Will & Ginny

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  2. My continued prayers to Michelle and Mike! We do know that Michelle is a trooper and it takes the same strength for Mike to weather this storm. Rest assured for you both Are in my prayers and constant positive vibes are in your direction!!! We Love You Both!

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  3. wickedzagnut= Steve Fenno
    DECEMBER 1, 2021 AT 9:55 AM
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Michelle gave me a hug once out of the blue, I did not know how bad I needed it, but she did.
    thank you 🙏
    Love you Michelle Mike!

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  4. Prayers for continued strength in the battle ahead. You both continue to inspire, and Michele will prevail in her battle. Gratitude for your army of experts supporting your path. In our daily prayers. ❤

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  5. Michelle gave me a hug once out of the blue, I did not know how bad I needed it, but she did.
    thank you 🙏
    Love you Michelle Mike!

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  6. Wow. Very moved by this email. Prayer works and we continue in your daily battle by our prayers. W slice you.
    Alex and Ginny Abuyuan

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  7. Michelle and Mike may God continue to surround you both with his peace. Thank you for letting us be part of this journey! Much love sent to you! 🙏🏻💜

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  8. Michelle , I am grateful that you are getting the best doctors & nursing staff & researchers that anyone one can have. I love your attitude and how positive you guys are. Never doubt there won’t be some dark days ahead, and if that should happen remember the Lord has this under his control and with all of the prayers from family & friends praying for y’all your burdens will be so much lighter to carry. I am also greatful how far research has developed from when we were in a battle as yours. We will continue to pray 🙏 for y’all & all of the folks that are caring for y’all. Don’t forget many are watching you and learning from you how you are handling this. ❤️ Love & hugs to all of you guys. Keep up the good fight.

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  9. Thanks for the update. So much to take in and process. Some things to receive, some things to resist. Continuing in our prayers for you!

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  10. This has me in tears. Tears of happiness actually. I retired from MD Anderson after 26 years. I can honestly say that Michele is in good hands, with a caring and compassionate team of professionals. They are the best in the world! I’ve witnessed so many wonderful things there and have seen downright miracles take place, throughout the years. I know my strong friend will kick this cancer’s *ss!
    Dean and I continue to send our love and prayers to ya’ll. 💓💓

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  11. This is amazing news and I continue to be inspired by your writing skills Mike. I know this process has caused you both to look deeper into the true meaning of life and your role in it. It’s a good thing to stop and smell the roses, but we all hate why you were forced to do so. Your positive outlook is half this battle and by my observation, you both are doing outstanding! As always, much love, hugs and prayers! K & A

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  12. Continue the good fight. You are in the best Cancer hospital in the world. How blessed you are to be here at this time. Everyday the scientist and Dr’s learn more. You continue to be surrounded by love and 🙏 prayers.

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  13. I am beyond thankful for such good news. God has such away to carry us and fight our battles. I have always said We are just along for the ride. He only ask that we not give up the fight! 🙌 Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I have no doubt this beast is defeated and you will slay everything in its path.
    Jeremiah 29:11
    New International Version
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Danny and I are in prayer with you guys! Much love ❤️ to you and your family😘

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