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Early days

New routine today. With the new treatment team we are here at the med center for 8:45 am for the next 3 days. Start strong as they say.

To add to the fun this morning we also dropped the dog off for grooming. We were out of the house at 6:30 to drop him off. Then we had a nice hour drive to the med center. We were able to make it on time.

The commute

For the last 20 years we have been blessed with easy commutes. Even when I worked at the university of houston it was reasonable.

Now we have traffic. I am not sure we have experienced traffic on a commute since our days in Maryland! We will learn the best way to get her quickly.

Amazed at this place

I am likely going to sing praises of the facility for a while. It is just apparent that this place is #1. We learned today there is a whole department that takes care of wound care. Michele had the dressing on her picc line changed there today.

The scheduling and coordination is a well oiled machine. In fact, based on the numbers we received this morning we no longer have to come back in the morning. The nurse practitioners were right there waiting for the results and making decisions on next steps.

Home early

We are shutting down for the night. Rest well.


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