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A Week for Mending

Throughout these last 2 months, I can honestly say I feel more like myself this week than I have in a very long time. Sometimes we don’t know what normal is any more because its a slow gradual change. Change for me started about August this year when I knew something was not right with my body.

These last 3 weeks, from my last chemo has been more hospital visits, and overall, my blood numbers are looking good and I am feeling good. Yesterday was my second bone marrow biopsy. I had lots of feelings going back into this procedure. Kind of like having babies, my first one was au’ natural, my second and third I said no thanks, I will take the epidural.

So with this procedure they offer 3 options, to have no medicine or with medication to make you sleepy but not go under. And the 3rd option which is to go under with surgery, I chose to have the pre-medicine, which was just enough to take the edge off of someone digging into my hip bone and grabbing a piece of the bone. It sounds crazy, but that is what actually happens. Oh, and by the way, they also get fluid from your bone marrow while they are hanging out in my hip bone.

I asked the nurse, how many more of these I will have in my future, not surprising, she didn’t give me a clear answer, but did say it was more than I wanted to get. So this is the norm, several biopsies throughout the treatment. If I am in a clinical trial, it may be more, based on the study and its requirements.

Now the test results take from 7-10 days because they have to put it under the microscope and let it grow. So next practical steps, see my doctor for follow up on results on the 16th, then from there will formulate the next treatment plan.

It feels good to feel good again, does that even make sense. To want to work, go places, do things, and see my friends and family. Now the doctor doesn’t want me seeing very many people at this point, so we have to take it slow and easy. My whole life has been about helping people, and it has been pretty hard to be a home body these last 2 months, unable to work, and live life normally.

But the tide is turning, and for now, I am grateful God has me in a good place. Grateful for your prayers.


11 thoughts on “A Week for Mending

  1. I am smiling with Thanksgiving and praises for our Heavenly Father who loves you so much. He is restoring you to perfect health. I am celebrating your continuing recovery. .


  2. You have an army praying for you. God knows this and your prayers are being heard.
    Prayers for you and your family, 🤗💕❤️


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