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Friday night and…

Good evening, everyone! We have a little bit to catch everybody up on tonight.

This last week we have done more testing which included a bone marrow biopsy. It is as fun as it sounds! The results on the biopsy show Negative for Minimal Residual Disease. This means that with their best testing for the disease, they cannot find any sign of it in the bone marrow.

This IS great news. This is remission, but we still will go through the remaining 6 rounds of Chemo and potential for radiation for the mass that was in her chest at the beginning. After that we will still have maintenance chemo sessions monthly for two years. The doctor said that we are not going to pursue a bone marrow transplant anymore. We don’t need it.

This is neither the flu nor covid. And it will be dealt with appropriately! 8-).

Holidays and Hospitals

We have a couple of days here at the house and then we are back in the hospital starting this Sunday and hope to be home by Christmas day. The following week we should have an outpatient dose to complete chemo cycle 3.

We have mixed feelings about being in the hospital during the holiday. We have always enjoyed the holidays either at our house or with family. While we have a solid reason to NOT attend any holiday festivities, we are missing the laughter that comes along with them.

Putting in the work

Clients need help. Michele has been feeling exceptionally well these last couple of weeks and has been connecting with clients and helping them with coverage. It is the best therapy for Michele to be on the phone and helping clients. I told her that the dog and I find her talking to clients soothing. (Hence our nearby naps). 8-).

Many people ask me… “How are you doing?” I don’t think I shared this yet, but this week I was picking up medicine for her at Walgreens and the pharmacist stopped and looked me in the eye and asked how I was doing. As the caregiver you want to let everyone know that you are doing good and that you are happy to help. As I drove away, I could not fight the tears.

Yes this is hard… daily

With all the good news coming our way we understand that this is not over, and we are not able to resume our normal lives. That is still a full 2 + years away. Sometimes the best news days are the hardest for me. My personality is one to have things align and make sense. Cancer… does not make sense. With something so deadly two months ago flowing through her body and now there is no visible sign of it. Does not make sense. I struggle with that. I appreciate everyone that has been open to listening to me in those times. Love yall!

Happy Holidays and blessings for 2022

We have more impact to make in our lives and 2022 is going to be another year of change and growth. Michele and I feel so much love as we go through this that we want to send the vibes back to each of you. We pray that your illnesses are cured, that your struggles and lessened, and that your souls grow to a new level in 2022. Start now!


5 thoughts on “Friday night and…

  1. Yes, for sure I now know Betty. In some ways is it a feeling I would never wish on my worst enemy, but in other ways it is a feeling I would want others to know about.


  2. My dear friends – I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster this has you both one, not to mention the physical one. There is so much God is showing you both and I see it coming to light in the precious moments I spend chatting with you and reading your posts. There is always a reason we endure things like this, but some do not want to know or learn from the “why”, they just become bitter and angry through it. Not you two! I am sure you question the “why” of it, but you are content knowing God has a plan and you are absorbing every lesson through it and becoming better for it! The grace at which you are taking this all in has me amazed, as I don’t know that I would be this patient. I am sure you have your moments of frustration and exhaustion – but you are not letting that define you! We are all here for you, thick and thin, anger and delight, pain and joy! Love you both so much! Sending hugs and prayers!

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  3. Michelle, I praise God for this amazing report! This is God’s Miracle . He is not finished yet, we have been praying a complete recovery and we know it’s coming soon! πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’—πŸŽ„

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  4. When you look back on this year 2020 it will be the year you truly loved more than ever before. It will be the year your felt loved more than ever before. People need to “Live Like you Were Dying,” That song from a few years back was written about a friend of ours who had just been diagnosed with cancer. In a session in Nashville the pickers ask him ‘how do you live when you get that kind of news.” Now you know. πŸ’•


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