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2022 begins…

We are finished with the dosing for cycle 3. Which means 5 more cycles to go.


Michele is continuing to work with her clients on a daily basis. Even when we are in the hospital, doing blood infusions like today, or driving back and forth to her doctors visits.

She calls her clients her therapy. So if you are following this blog and are talking to her we want to thank you deeply for giving her the reason to continue living life.

A quick screen shot from our team call tonight. Sometimes the best way to get through life is with people on the journey with you. Thank you to everyone on the team that continues to pursue their goals each and every day.

Recap on the last 90 days

Michele loves numbers and has stumbled on this number.


62 of the last 92 days we have either been in-patient at the hospital or at a doctor/lab appointment. I can only think of 1 or 2 days where I would call it simple!

White blood counts have been as high as 135,000 to as low as 100. That is a wide swing to say the least. Other of her blood numbers have been equally wild.

We are in the later part of the third of eight cycles. She is done with the chemo portion and now we are managing the residual effects of the chemo. That means monitoring her blood numbers and doing things to boost them. So today we are at MD Anderson for platelet and blood transfusion.

Pictures from the holiday.

New chairs for the front porch
We tried some wigs
Some Christmas time

Enter Covid

Well, I have to recant my earlier statement of Covid was too scared, so it sent Cancer. 1/3/2022 she tested positive for Covid. That throws more kinks in the plan.

We are now having to go to a special treatment area for the next 20 days. I am also going to call it the slow motion section of the hospital. There are more steps and procedures to follow and the staffing is limited and the area is like a desert. Little life is seen around you.

Her symptoms have been mild… a cough, a sniffle, and a small headache. She does NOT like the covid nasal test. so hopefully there won’t be multiple tests. Her steroids and other medicines she takes as part of the cycle treatment give her a boost of energy.

Blessed to work

She really feels blessed to be able to continue to work and care for her customers. Over the last 15 years, we have built an insurance agency. Some may consider it to be small in size but I challenge that thought in that size of an agency and the heart of the agency are two separate things. Our HEART of the agency and our dedicated agents have made this challenge easier. An agency with heart powers through and helps each other. Thank you to our clients and agents! We love all of you and you bring joy to our hearts.

Family and friends

It is sometimes hard to think we have 5 more months of heavy lifting with this disease. Although it appears to be in remission, the regimen required to help make sure it does not come back has to be completed. Between family and friends and business associates that have been overwhelmingly supportive, we are grateful. I won’t name names as there are too many. But if you have received text, emails, chats, or sent them to us… they all help. Some have stepped up with gift cards and orders and deliveries of food and groceries. We are still figuring out the ins and outs of door dash, but we are learning.

2022 Goals?

  1. Kick Cancer’s butt
  2. Grow our business
  3. Get back to traveling
  4. Continue to spread the word of the value of insurance for the unexpected.

2021 we were able to knock out most of our 3-5 years goals and are blessed.

Cancer is never timely, but we were able to keep our healthcare costs manageable and blessed to be able to leverage policies we had with accessible living benefits. Michele will be happy to help any of you with carriers that did deliver and with cancer plans. Cancer plans pay a lump sum cash on diagnosis, and I can tell you that personally it helped with smooth the “dip” in the road.

Days ahead

I really continue to be in awe of Michele in this journey. I have a fraction of her strength most days. Each day is a new day.

The good news for today is that we are not coming back for blood work until Friday.


2 thoughts on “2022 begins…

  1. I continue to follow your journey with prayers and the best wishes to get this behind by God’s Grace! Michelle is such an inspiration in so many ways and Mike thanks for been the rock needed during these times, me as other silent observers we keep you in our hearts and prayers 🙏🏻💜♥️🤗


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