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No news must be good news

As we are getting into a new rhythm in 2022, we are going to latch onto this theme!

After testing positive for Covid on the 3rd of January I must admit that my anxiety and stress escalated. When the doctors tell you repeatedly that the one thing to worry about the most is catching Covid you take it seriously. I call it 20 days of quarantining from the rest of MD Anderson.

Turns out Michele likes the RED ZONE!

So it sounded ominous. The red zone. I expected to see a scene from one of these VIRUSES gone wild movies where everyone has space suites with oxygen tanks. The reality was more like the “Men in Black” headquarters.

  • Doors you have to have opened for you.
  • You are escorted through a series of locked doors.
  • One person sitting at the elevator to ensure you don’t go running off.
  • Your locked in a special isolation room.

The positives…

  • The services come to you. (No wandering from dept to dept.)
  • You are in a room in a bed with ample wifi
  • No waiting rooms

I am sure she will complain about the day we return to clinic next week.


She was told yesterday at her appointment that she had the rest of the week “Off”. It is like snow days for people up north. No appointments mean some freedom to move around on your own!! So, we return to the Dr on the 25th where I am sure we will be back in the hospital for Treatment for another week shortly after.

Mild to barely Covid at all

Grace from God… Covid for Michele was like an allergy to the change of the weather. Slight cough was the main symptom. 20 days away from the clinic is hugely different from the current CDC guideline of 5 days. We are past it all now. I am Vaxed, Boosted, and had Covid myself in August. We are now entering the Keith Richards stage of the pandemic.

When he goes, we need to be scared.

Everything works out in the end. If it has not worked out yet, then it is not the end.

Quote from Sonny “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

Time, family, and fellowship

Michele was feeling exceptionally well this past week and I was able to get away for a few days to be with some friends. I am reminded that in times of great isolation we are all wandering souls with a need for others.

The cool thing about exceptional friendships is that they know how to be present without having to focus on the bad in the world. They are simply… “friends”. No (B)usiness (S)cenes just presence.

Thank you for the fellowship for my soul. Ya’ll know who you are. AND… it unblocked a log jam in my mind that this cancer had built up.

Michele is continuing to be an inspiration


She is not trying to be an inspiration to others. She is simply doing what she does and being who she is. In fact, sometimes she just wants to ask people that are stuck… “What the F@$! is wrong with you!” haha.

She was able to clean out a lot of clothes from her closet recently. She found these Ankle weights buried in there. You know those things you forget about. Yes. The cancer patient is working around the house with Ankle Weights and climbing the stairs. I am chuckling at it all. Inspiration I am finding comes from a person that draws people in by what they do, without having to brag about it or constantly remind what you are not doing. Maybe this week you will find some old Ankle Weights too and give them another whirl. She would be happy about that.

2022 You Vs You!

This was our topic on the team call the other night. This is really the ONLY fight that we all are really in daily. There are seasons in our lives of light and seasons of darkness. For several years we have had more darkness than light. Wanting to grow and not seeing how.

We are excited for 2022.

  • We will finish the Hyper-Cvad Cycles no later than June 2022
  • Our business is being restructured from better growth and profitability
  • We are choosing Fun and Happiness
  • We will be traveling again and you are invited!

Michele wants you all to know that she is going to be better than ever this year and wants you to do the same.

We appreciate everyone for all that you are doing in service to us and with us.


2 thoughts on “No news must be good news

  1. Love! Love! Love – this so very much!!! Funny thing – I had two pair of ankle weights and I tossed them out a few months ago. Now I wish I hadn’t….it would be fun climbing the stairs with you girl! Hugs to you both for the ongoing progress reports, comedic relief (even when I am sure you don’t always feel like it) and the motivation to become better humans, just by being, seeing and doing! Love and prayers always!! K & A


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