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Bring it cycle 4

Rarely would you think that there would be excitement in doing inpatient chemotherapy. But are we really normal?

We have two lives. The one we learn with and the life we live after that.

Bernard Malmud

I am not sure where our dividing line will be. All the years we have lived an extraordinary life and we are now realizing it was a blip on the life yet to be lived. I found the above quote and thought it was appropriate for where we are right now.

So here we are

Today was scheduled to do blood work and see the doctor. We walk up to the sign in station and the nurses say “hi Mrs Alleman”. Now I have to tell you that we have been to another area the last 20 days because of her Covid. She also walks up with eyelashes and her blond wig. So to hear that was mind blowing.

I know they likely saw her on the schedule but to not blink and call out her name was just another testament to the care and culture here. I know I shed a tear several times after just thinking about it.

Meeting Dr. Roderick

A new Doctor today doing an exam. Immediately we had to guess where he was from. He is here for two years to study and learn with the worlds best in leukemia here. He was exceptional in his review of the numbers and stopping to get to know us and commenting on how great it is to be together as long as we have.

We guessed very poorly on where he is from. He is from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. Gave us tips for our travels in the future. If he stumbles on our blog we hope his stay in Houston is exceptional and that he gets a chance to see the us.

Some days we are emotional

Crying. Yes. I am sure I made y’all cry so far on this post. I have to tell you. Yesterday was our cry day. Well mine.

I won’t go into the thoughts that triggered them. It was especially hard on me. I will say it is a lot of things. Some happy. Some sad. Some were just from the WTF is wrong with people.

Jonathan and Megan were back fresh from our companies national conference. We had invited them over for steaks and our team call we do Monday nights. As we look back on Michele and I prepping the food we were trying to find ways to turn off the tears. Our favorite country music actually made it worse. Thank you Spotify dinner with friends playlist. We made it through.

We managed to keep our tears at bay and had some delicious steaks that friends sent us early in the diagnosis. They really overwhelmed us with full groceries++ twice. We are still trying to say thank you. Defrosted the steaks we had frozen and enjoyed delightful meal with Jonathan and megan.

Back to today

So as we waited for the room we got a call to let us know that because Michele had Covid less than 30 days ago she will have to be on the Covid floor.

That means zero visitors. Including me. Sucks after having a day of crying. Maybe yesterday was to keep our composure tonight. We waited til the room was ready. Walked to the elevator and kissed goodbye.

We have been through this routine so we are ok. I just could not think about if this were the case on the first cycle.

Cycle starts at 2:00 am

Just got a text about the cycle dose starts at 2:00am. So we are going to go to bed now.


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