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Pandemic leukemia level!

When the pandemic hit, no one knew what it would mean for all of us. We had this big friends’ cruise planned out and we’re defiant that Covid would blow over and we were cruising! We were like gambling Addicts at a bookie swearing they had a winner. Remember that? It was just last year. No wait 2 years ago? Time flew and then it didn’t.

Blondes have more fun.

We have the same sensation with each chemo cycle. We are going to breeze through this and all will be normal. After getting used to hand sanitizer and a face mask as if we were all in hospitals, we end up in hospitals.

Leukemia level.

What do I mean? With everyone now relatively used to masks and used to not wearing them, we must remain diligent.


She has had a case of Covid. But she still must be restricted. The doctors are telling us that leukemia patients have had particularly challenging times with Covid.

It is easy for us to forget these things and think things are normal. But they are not.

We are going through leukemia where every 21/28 days we administer chemicals into her body. These chemicals target the bad cells but also kills good cells. Anything that is growing fast. The good and the bad.

It is especially challenging when you feel good, but your numbers are low. Today we have a white blood count of 1600. Which is low. And that means Risk of an infection are elevated. Falls and illness are our big enemies.

Last week’s stay

We managed to survive last week with Michele in the isolation ward due to a Covid diagnosis at the beginning of the month. 30 days after diagnosis are required for inpatient to be in a normal room. Nope. Covid floor this time. Michele had the smallest suitcase ever for a week’s stay. Lol. Ok… It is a hospital, you can stay in pajamas the whole time.

I was super busy clearing out our old office space. We had to downsize after the diagnosis. We took a big revenue hit in October and November during her sickest time so far. We stayed in the same building just a more compact space. If you have been to our building, you know that the shared space is phenomenal. The building manager also has been a huge blessing. Relationships are huge.

I have one more half day to finish the clean out. I have a garage full of boxes and excess furniture to work through.

I must admit I slept on the couch for 3 of the 5 nights she was gone. There has been a lot of stress from cancer, the move, not being able to stay with her, and some other pressing matters.

I found that if I watched some old movies and convinced myself that I could crash better on the couch, it would be ok. I just missed having her within earshot. I didn’t want to think about her being in the hospital room alone and me in our bed.

Family in for a small birthday party

Andrew, Andrea. and Chris drove into town Saturday. It was Andrew’s 31st birthday earlier in the month. It was fun to have a reasonably normal thing to do. We had cake, pulled pork sandwiches, and hung out for the evening.

Sunday, we had fresh fried catfish and fries. The Yeakeys came over and everyone chipped in to help. One thing for sure is we always have more food than we can eat. By the afternoon we had some challenges with football. The boys went to Texas Tech and Chris cheered there when Mahomes was quarterback. Andrew has been living in Baton Rouge where Joe Burrows played for LSU. The latter won in the end, but it was a great game to share with the family.

We keep rolling

Awaiting treatment in ommaya reservoir

Today we are back at MD Anderson for more appointments. It is a full day. 10:30 blood work. 11:45 consultation. 12:40 chemo in her Omaya reservoir. And then finally. A dressing change for the picc line at 4:20.

After we are done, we then head home for a team call and training till 9:00pm. We just call it Monday.

She is a trooper beyond compare. She is on a new rhythm with her clients, and she loves it. For the month of January, she is sitting at #1 submitted business for our segment of the larger organization. With cancer and being in hospital and still at the top of her game. #belikemichele.

And the chemo is going in

Last item for the post

She is rocking the wigs now. From nice (expensive) wigs to the playful, colorful wigs… she is loving it. Thank you to the friends and family they continue to help. Never would we have thought she would be having so much fun with it.

We don’t know when the hair will start back or how fast it will grow. We will just have to remember when we go to the pools later this year if she wears a wig out.

We are hopeful that we will get to go on our annual incentive trip this June. The doctors seemed incredibly positive about us being able to make it.

We are also working on plans for more travel as we can. One thing for sure is that we will be more spontaneous in our future. Missing fewer opportunities to go and live life.

Just a small detour in our life.


4 thoughts on “Pandemic leukemia level!

  1. Love you my friends! You both are bold, strong, courageous, determined and full of faith! We are all here each step of the way and can’t wait to hear of your new adventures in traveling this great globe! We surely hope to join you on a few of those journeys! Sending many prayers and hugs! K&A

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