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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From the top of MD Anderson

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there from Michele and I. We hope everyone treasures this day in protecting your heart and relationships.

We are MD Anderson in between appointments. We are done with our lab work today and waiting for a dressing change for her PICC line.

The 24th floor of the hospital is the observation deck. No, there are no open-air balconies with fencing around it. That would be cool. It is just a quiet place to sit and enjoy the view of Houston and soak up some sun.

Winding down cycle 4

We are at the tail end of the fourth cycle. Numbers are coming up steadying for cycle five. By the end of the month, we will be back in for another week in the hospital.

Halfway done and seems like the end is still far out of sight. It is a meaningful milestone. I have a calm surrounding the familiarity with the treatments. Yet we had a weekend of muscle/bone pain that we had to keep watch over. Sunday was a slower moving day and we managed to make it through the entire Super Bowl. It was an epic game played well. Even though I was pulling for the Bengals the truth of the event is it is meant to pivot on the small things. And the Rams did that. Congrats to all in the game!

Summer dreaming

I would say I love winter but that is a lie. This summer will mean a return to moderate normalcy. In the best case scenario, we will be done with the 8 cycles by early May. Worst case late May/early June.

Our annual company trip is in mid-June and we are planning to be present. If you remember from the beginning of Cancer, we would have been on the company trip October 30, 2021. We did not get to go. This is the first trip in a long time that we have not qualified for the extension. We are ok with that and plan to slip away to a favorite resort for a few days to further decompress and spend time together.

We will have a lot to reflect on. Much to be grateful for and will find grace and gratitude in the sands of Mexico.

Enjoy your day everyone. We will let everyone know when the next round begins!

Pier 6 valentines dinner date


On the way home from the hospital we decided to make a check on if any of our favorite places had a spot for an early dinner! Pier 6 in San leon delivered.

Food and a view. And I think she closed another policy!


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