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Cycle 5 outpatient starts today

It was a welcome surprise to hear that we will be doing outpatient for this cycle. No hospital stay! A big change in the treatment protocol for us.

Pain but not chemo or cancer related

She has been having pain in her hip and right leg this week. We thought it may be related to the chemo treatments but the doctor says it is not. We think it is her sciatic nerve hurting. She had the massage therapist work it out some last night. If you have ever had a pain like this then you know that it can hurt more after the massage.

Last night was restless

It took several rounds of pain meds and sleep aids to get her resting fully around 5:30 am. I was able to let her sleep a little later. The pain seems to hurt more at night laying down. We hope it will be better tonight. She is staying systematic on the pain meds to manage it better.

Seeking some signs of normalcy

Plan for tonight is that some girlfriends will be coming spend the night and they will play games, have some drinks, and veg out. I think everyone by now has insisted she is crazy and needs to cancel. I agreed. However…

Would she not be Michele if she just canceled the event? No. She is insisting to do it. And I get her so I get it.

It won’t be the same as if she were feeling well. She needs something other than my face and clients daily. So jury is still out but for now it is still on.

She continues …

She is a force for sure. If she were born 150 years ago she would be a legend of the Wild West. She continues day in and day out helping clients and agents.

No matter how the day ends today, she will continue.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 5 outpatient starts today

  1. Always my Hero!! It’s hard to balance the desire to feel normal, do everyday things and keep going, when your body tells you otherwise. Please balance it out – be sure to rest, in between the work and fun! Love you sweet girl! Always praying for you! ❤❤❤

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  2. I love you guys and appreciate you sharing this journey. Continue prayers for you in Jesus’ name! I thank God for what He has already done!

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