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In a month of bad days. Celebrate the good ones.

Early in the blog we were getting caught up on Yellowstone episodes. We recently finished the prequel, 1883. Generational stories. Taylor Sheridan, the writer, has a gift of the story line. I encourage everyone to watch the 1883 series. It is a time in americas history where we may find hard to understand the trials. (This is not a paid endorsement).

There are so many powerful images in these two stories. The stories of a family in a fight for their freedom and control of their own destiny. The difference in the time between the two stories is less than 150 years. It is as if you can see the blood passed from one body to the other as their spirit is clearly transcended between these two times.

This last month has been one of our more challenging times in our battle. Michele has battled intense nausea and weakness. Her sciatic nerve pain made an appearance for a solid week. There have been many restless nights. There have also been many days where the “chemo fog” was too much and all she could do is sleep.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

These are our MD Anderson days. Each day is unpredictable. We are there by 8:00am most days for blood draws and a barrage of test results. If there is anything wrong it can extend to 9:00 pm before we return home. Once a week, she also has to change her dressing on her picc line.

Yesterday one of her sutures needed to be redone. Break out the sewing kit! Fortunately she was back at 4;00pm. Early.

How you all have helped?

Our friends and family have been tremendous. We have learned how to use door dash and how to load the cards into the app. Todd Swenson with Columbian Financial Group, your gift card has been paying the parking fees for when we go. (Insurance does not cover it) 😁. At $14/day on the long days it has been a tremendous help. I am not sure if it was sent for help or something else we have done but thank you!

Thank you CFG

Friends to Ferry and Laugh

We have had numerous friends that have volunteered to take Michele to her appointments for me and also just to be with her so I can get out of the house. Gosh. It is those simple moments that remind us of the relationships developed over the years and how we cherish them more now than ever.

One day when Michele was at the doctor my good friend and backyard neighbor, Aaron, whisked me away to the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles La. We played blackjack for 4-5 hours. Not going to tell you how it ended. However just to have a moment of normalcy for a few hours was wonderful.

Then there are days we just have to get in the car and drive.

One day the world was heavy on us. Michele was really feeling low and I was not handling it the best. So we got in the car and drove. I have always found water to be my place of calm. We drove down to the Texas City Dyke. Look it up. It is about 6 mile drivable jetty just south of us. We brought cupcake, our dog, with us. There are spots with beach front to pull over. So we walked on the sand. Listened to the waves. Watched the container ships come in. Change your scenery. Change your mind.

We drove through a waterfront community and looked at houses for a bit. Surprisingly with deep water channels off the back yards that lead to Galveston bay, they were not that crazy expensive. It is fun to look and dream. If we do move from our current house I am pretty sure it will have water off the back porch to remind my soul that life is fluid, not rigid.

Today is a better day

Thank you for staying with me. Today we woke up fairly well rested. She is feeling normal today. So we attack it with her heart to do what we can before the next storm. She already is talking to clients and an agent is going to be here for the morning to work with her.

Up and working. She will be the top cancer plan sales person for the year

Next week we should start another round of chemo. We met a nice couple from Arkansas last week at the hospital and they have been in the battle for 6 years and are at md anderson to do clinical trials. What we know is our battle is for sure 3 years.

Each day is taken one at a time. Focus on the moment. Hugs and laughter. Hugs and tears.

Life’s journey

In the 1883 series, there are stark reminders of just how hopeful and terrifying it was for the families to pursue a journey to freedom. What we have in the end are each other and the impacts we have had on each other on our journeys. The spirit and heart of a family travels through generations.

My sister Mona Has worked on our family history over the years. We know that our ancestors transitioned from the Canary Islands to Louisiana in a time where drought had challenged the island’s crops. They came for freedom. I know that my grand father and great grandfather father were killed in a train/car accident while working the farm coop circuit. My sister Missy lives in their house that they built on the farm property. It is still standing.

Pencil drawing my sister Mona had commissioned. Hangs in our family room.

I was going through files in my home office and found yesterday the check that my great grandfather on my mothers side signed for my high school graduation. He was 100 years old when he did that. I remember him holding my oldest son Dustin as a baby for his last birthday celebration.

His signature. And $5.00.

The last few weeks, Michele’s uncle Punch at 90+ years old suffers some heart issues while they were traveling the country in their RV. He is fine and healing. Michele was ready to go visit him in the hospital (Arkansas I believe).

We are descended from tough survivors. Their spirit is within. No matter the trials. We are going to get through this with a story of triumph and with relationships that have been built to support us on this journey. We do not make it through this life without the support of others.

If you know Michele, you know she will continue the good fight. She has many more days of adventure ahead. If I could bottle up her will and determination even on the worst days I would and give everyone a dose.

I love you Michele. Someone said the other day that these are what the vows “for worse” may have meant. I like to think we are doing our best and look forward to more “for betters”.


3 thoughts on “In a month of bad days. Celebrate the good ones.

  1. We love you Michele you are an amazing and strong person I admire you so much 👏👏❤️😁❤️❤️❤️


  2. love you guys so much.
    Mike, thanks for your perseverance to keep us in the loop as well as imparting nuggets of wisdom, truth, gratitude and vulnerability. May your cup continue to be refilled!
    Michele, speaking as a massage therapist, there are some really good *gentle* stretches you can do for your sciatica pain if you’re interested. You can shoot me a FB message if you want to. I imagine you have a massive team of all kinds of healthcare providers doing everything they can. So if I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume you’ve gotten help already 🙂
    Your journey is incredibly inspiring and God only knows how many people it’s impacting. Prayers for strength and rest for you both. Keep making waves!


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