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Cycle 5 chemo complete

There are seasons of time you want to put behind you. I am glad to say we have put this last month behind us with this last chemo dose on Sunday. Another bonus is they have put us on once-a-week blood work for now.

Michele has been feeling a little better the last two days.

It has been a roller coaster. Saturday it was wheelchairs and disorientation. By the time we had finished the blood transfusion she was starting to feel better. Overnight on Sunday, she was feeling better as well.

Monday she was able to get into the car on her own and get her car washed, drop off some clothes at the resale shop, and visit to Megan’s house. All without me driving her around. Yes… I was nervous but I knew it was important for her to be able to drive. Well.. maybe once a month.

Cycle 5B or 5N is around the corner.

We know this next cycle will start April 14th. It will be outpatient, which means we drive in, get the chemo, and then come back home overnight. This will be the second round for the clinical trial package she is on. That will finish on April 18. Cycle 6 will be sometime around Early May (Cycle 6).

We are having a good day today.

We are going to leave you all with this short update. We will need to do a post on her wigs soon.


4 thoughts on “Cycle 5 chemo complete

  1. Awesome update. Love yawl so much. Want to say HELLO for the prayer warriors at “Trinity Pentecostal” Church in Hammond La. I brought Betty Jean in for a boot camp a few years ago when she was in town and she is following your updates with me!! Love and Blessings my friends!


  2. Love you guys and looking so forward to seeing y’all soon to celebrate the end to this madness!♥️ For now continue to kick butt and take names! Mike from one Survivor to another you are so important and you guys are our Heroes 🦸

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Michele I’m So happy to see you smile 😊
    I wished I lived closer.
    I hope you are pampering yourself with your Clarins products when you are feeling up to it.
    Love you bunches !! Hugs 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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