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Its Thursday, must need a transfusion

We anticipated a short day today. Usually it is blood draw, results review, and then home. But today here numbers are still down. Platelets today are at 5 and the normal zone is 140-440. So instead of home by noon, we are expecting to be here until about 6pm.

Steroids give you energy!

Sunday through Wednesday she was taking a heavy dose of Dexamethasone. This is one of those medicines that the pharmacist must come warn you about the side effects. The good side effect is that it gives her extra energy. She is a trooper for sure. Even with these benefits we still have down days.

Having energy also means you may not go to sleep. Wednesday, we took as a catch-up day and mostly rested and watched mindless tv. It seemed like a good day to do it with the rain in the morning.

This morning we were to get to the clinic at 7:00 but we had bad traffic today. That should have been a sign.

Make it a Day!

MD in MD Anderson stands for Make it a Day!. So here we are. The morning labs are test are done. We are sitting near the tree sculpture in the Mays Clinic getting a few things done before the Infusion scheduled to start at 2:00 today. It should be a couple of hours as we are only doing platelets today.

Who misses cruising?

We sure do. Walking around MD Anderson is like being on a cruise on a sea day. They have great options. Not all the options are open for every meal. Typically the one closest to you wins. lol.

With the transfusion we will miss a friend in town.

Gina Hawks is our product guru from our home office and is in town today to do training at our office. We love to host visitors for the training. If today had gone as planned, we would have at least been able to pop in and say hi today. Unfortunately, we won’t be released until after she is done.

Until next time Gina!


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