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Saturday is for wheelchairs

We had a sense that her numbers were still low yesterday. Somedays there is just a fog in the head that you can’t shake. It isn’t necessarily one thing, but you just know.

We both had what I would call an emotionally exhaustive day yesterday (Friday). On those days, we try not to be harsh with each other, but we often fail. Then you go through the phase of not talking. This phase is not an “I am mad at you” stage, as much as an “I don’t want to make things worse” stage.

When you struggle to find the words, you try and be present however you can. This is the silent suffering that many with an Ill partner or family member must go through.

After several false starts on shows to take our minds off our own problems, we settled into some episodes of Law and Order SVU. Not the regular Law and Order. there is a difference. 8-).

After making a Dairy Queen run for dinner, we ate… watched one more episode, and then retired for the evening. It was about 8:00pm.

Waking up

We slept a good 10 hours or so. Waking up a couple of times for the bathroom and that was it. Today’s appointment was at 9:15 so we were out the door a little after 8:00am. The roads are less busy on a Saturday morning. It only took us 35 minutes to get here this morning.

Garage 10 is the main parking. On Saturdays, you have to go down to the first floor, walk across the street, and over to the main entrance (the only one open on weekends). I could tell on the walk from the car to the elevator that it was going to be one of those days.

Wheelchair day

A funny thing I learned about wheelchairs here. There are varied sizes! The one we got in the garage was smaller than the normal ones we use. She called it a kid’s size! We changed it out at the main entrance.

Her numbers proved to us to be right that she will need a blood transfusion among other nutrients to boost her system. Her platelets were up from the Thursday transfusion, but today it was her hemoglobin, potassium, and magnesium that were really low. I got a workout today and she got pushed around.

These days she has more tears

Michele has been your classic A-type personality for many years. She has been the #1 producer in our company many years in our business. She thrives in a competitive environment and will fight for what she believes in. She has been known to get into a couple of people’s faces to make a point and make her opinion known. I imagine those folks to this day stay a little out of her line of fire. hmm…

Tears are not her norm. Yet as she goes through this treatment plan they come more often. I carry tissues in my backpack for this reason.

Finding ways to make it through

My background in IT over many years has my mind tuned to finding solutions when problems are presented. The funny thing about problems. Some folks focus on why something CANNOT be done. I tend to focus on “if there was a way, what would that be?”

Today is one of those days we must find a way to make it work. We hope on the backside of this journey, we can inspire more “out of the box” thinking. The doctors here spend their lives thinking out of the box. There is never a “this is it” in their book. We like that.

Blood at 1:00

This will mean another day when we leave early and get home back after 5:00. If Michele is feeling well enough, we have a few shopping items we need to get done.

The transfusion center is packed with closet sized rooms. There is a bed, a chair, and a TV and not much more room than that. Bring on the blood!

We are in the room now and it looks like we will be here for 6 hours. I would rather be traveling to Ireland, or Paris, or some other international destination. We are going to try and rest now. Looks like it will be closer to 9pm before we get home.

Thank you all for following. It is comforting to know about all the people that are with us.


5 thoughts on “Saturday is for wheelchairs

  1. Michele, you and your family are dear to our hearts. We continue to pray for all of you. Sometimes, our struggles and rivers to cross serve a purpose not easily understood or seen for the present but rest assured you are not traveling alone. Receive our love. Ben and Marty Castillo


  2. Myself and our church, Calvary Pentecostal church are praying for you! god is on your side! Be of good cheer. He said He would never leave or forsake us! Stand strong. Much love and many prayers. I am a good friend of Stephen Fenno.


  3. Thank you for another excellent update …I would rather be following you on a journey to Ireland … and I am thankful to have these updates to keep in mind how you are both doing. On the topic of “out of the box” thinking, I was given a TED TALK recommendation this week given by Evelyn Glennie. She is a deaf percussionist … I made a list of reflections after watching her talk a few times. There is always another way (I think like you on that). Here is the link, hope it gives you a worthy distraction: Love you guys! Hang in there, the best is yet to come!


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