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Numbers were good… But?

So, we have a first! Her numbers were good enough to not need any transfusions yesterday. BUT! Not good enough to start another round of Chemotherapy. To borrow from my good friend Kevin… Two weeks!

We are excited

There is a lot of schedule shuffling that happens when under treatment. This weekend we have our youngest son, Christopher, coming in to celebrate his birthday. We had already managed to plot a course around the treatment plan for this weekend. God is good and freed the time to be present with Christopher.

Pushing the schedule out for two weeks also means that we should not have to “pause” for the trip in June. It should land in the middle of treatments. Things are just working out. 😎

Normal weekend and week ahead

Did I say a breather? There are days that have unexplained stress. I call these days “F$@K” days. Because that word tends to flow out of my mouth to describe everything and react to everything. I am happy to have only a few Dr. appointments in the next two weeks and a lighter schedule. I should have less “F$@K days.

Michele’s Sister from Florida, Sharron, will arrive Wednesday. This will be her first visit since diagnosis, and I know Michele is looking forward to spending time with her and her other sister Linda. Normal. The next week, my sisters from Louisiana are looking to visit as well. Their first time since diagnosis. I am looking forward to hugging them.


It seems a lifetime ago that we were all together celebrating Andrew and Andrea’s wedding in Galveston at the end of September. The Pandemic has certainly shrouded all our memories with distance and separation. September was a sign of things drifting back to normal.

There are markers in our lives. Many speakers talk about our birthday and our death day and life is lived in the “dash” between. Zoom in on the dash and you will find other dates noted. First car, High School Graduation, First job, Wedding, Children… There is now a BIG hash across that dash for us. BC : Before Cancer.

BC has been by many measures a story of success for our family. We are currently living in DC: During Cancer. We do not have an end date for this season. I do know that there is much more life to live and chase into the AC: After Cancer season of our lives.

More pictures ahead for this week of Family and Love.


2 thoughts on “Numbers were good… But?

  1. I am so happy for the breaks in the routine. I hope all goes well and all the visiting will be an awesome time for all of the families visiting. Hang in there and please remember y’all are on my permanent prayer list forever.i know it’s hard to deal with the unknown, but we to read the Lord is walking beside us every step of the way and in the end this journey will change us all for the better and stronger. Love you guys. Sharon Kinney

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