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The Bones

It’s Friday morning and we are having another normal week. Yesterday Michele did her blood work in the morning. I read the numbers as still on the low side. The Doctors are telling us it is where they would expect. What does the mean?

In most illnesses we expect treatment to make us better. Consistently. The closer you are to the end of the treatment, you should feel better. Right? We are in that period where we are understanding that Chemotherapy is cumulative. It the the repeated targeting of the same cells with a barrage of chemicals. The further along you are, the harder it is for the bad cells to come to life.

That reminds me…

Close relatives know that there is a video from a Christmas many years ago. One of the kids had received a new WII for Christmas. The video game that had these paddles that would pick up your body movement and translate them to the game controls. As each new person enters the close family circle we eventually get to the Video called “Michele and her WII”. Christopher’s girlfriend Lexi was along this past week and the video was shown.

I could not help but reflect the prophetic video and how it showed just how this Cancer Battle has been and how Michele embraces the fight. The game was this Boxing Game. It is an old classic where you have to hit your opponent and avoid getting hit back. As you hit the opponent, they lose power. Sometimes they fall to the mat. It almost looks like they are down and out but they get back up and come at you again. The more times you hit them and the more times they fall will eventually lead to their defeat.

You are also being pounded and losing energy in the game as well. The winner is the one that ultimately is able to exhaust all the power from the other person. We understand the video game concept. It is often less conspicuous in life and work. But it is still there.

The face of battle

The doctors see this battle played out daily. They can’t tell you what the future will look like as much as they can recognize where you are in the battle and how well you are stacking up. The truth lies in that EVERYONE in this battle will lose to varying degrees their power. As the battle wears on, so does the cumulative effect of the war. The numbers are low are just evidence that the Chemo is continuing to bombard the fast growing cells and that when the cancer cells are not showing up, the good cells are being sacraficed.

In the game, there are times when it seems like the opponent is knocked out, but then pops back up. That is the same in the leukemia battle. We will keep bombarding it until it is bannished to defeat. In the meantime, the soldier will both be stronger and weaker.

Bone Density Scan

Yesterday, Michele had a bone Density Scan done. When dealing with a bone marrow cancer and the treatment, there is going to be some collateral damage. The doctors were concerned for Osteoperosis occuring. The results came back and it appears that there is only signs of Osteopenia. The medicine is adding Vitamin D to the daily regimine. Phew!

Hey we all know as we get older that our bodies can’t handle all the things they used to. We will take adding weights to our walks and some vitamins as a good thing.

We are over the halfway mark on our Main Treatment plan. So we know that each successive treatment will take longer to recover and some collateral damage to energy, the body, and even the mind will continue. We keep it positive as much as we can on the healing and that our future is extended day by day.

Michele’s sister Sharon from Florida has been in and it has been good visit thus far. Something about visiting family takes the mind off of things. Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “The Bones

  1. Mike your writings about this journey are like, today very touching. I pray for Michelle’s complete healing and strength to you to continue to be her spokesman and protector,

    God bless and keep you!


  2. ❤️ thank you for keeping us updated. Our family continues to pray for your family and Michele’s complete healing.


  3. Wow great read. Love the WII analogy. She is a fighter! Proud of you two. Inspires me. Love you and praying for you. Alex.


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