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5N. Final round 5 hours

Entrance to elevators garage 10

Some days words are hard to express. So many people walk through the doors of garage 10 daily. Today she is a little slower but not really needing a wheelchair to go in today. We arrive by 10:00 am and it will be 7:00 pm or later before we are back at home.

It has been a particularly strained time. We are drained in the daily attempts at life and trying our best daily.


I think we are both exhausted and look forward to a week alone with minimal doctor appointments. I wish I could say we are not shedding tears. But they find their way down our skin.

Nurse loading the 4.5 hours of chemo. The bad ones are always covered with the brown bag.

The room today is small and at times feels like it is closing in. Our minds are foggier today and we are trying our best to pass the time.

She asked if I could lay with her in the bed. You can see that it is barely larger than a cot used in ambulances. The best we could do was move the waiting room chair I have to sit in next to bed and hold hands. We are not talking too much. We are both feeling the strain today.

The two medicines we are taking today are Nelarabine and Oncaspar. I am not sure who names the medicines. But the side effects. Ok the next image is a little graphic, but you should laugh.

Dark humor but true.

Lol. The doctors do a lot of premeds to keep her from experiencing side effects. We stopped reading them for the most part.

The Medicine bin. And there are more as needed in another bin under the counter.

When you go from a single pill daily to all of this it gets crazy. Daily she has 6-10 pills she takes to combat viruses and bacteria. There are many “as needed” meds that also seem to be more on than off.

May is her birth month

This month she will turn 56. A number that for us will just be a passing blur. Last year we celebrated with many friends in Mexico. This year we will be preparing for the next cycle (6).

We are Serving a higher calling to do good with what we are blessed to have.

We finished the treatment and got home to our lawn being cut. We are resting and watching Steve Harvey on family feud. Laughter soothe the soul.


3 thoughts on “5N. Final round 5 hours

  1. Hard to express how sorry all are, but how beautifully and painfully you describe the life you all are living. I pray God’s blessings, rest, and peace upon you.


  2. Praying for you both! Lord bless you and keep you. Lord be gracious to you.


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