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The weekend clinic

Saturday visits are very different than the weekday visits.

First the roads were absolutely clear. Hardly a car on the road. Which means cruise control! :-). These days are fun because I get to pretend I am an F1 driver. Hugging all the curves on the road. Only difference is I am staying within the speed limits.

Second is the lab for blood work is a different lab. They are a little less structured and can be heard kidding around. It is the more laidback lab. We were chuckling last night when Michele called it the learning lab. Sometime the words in our head just associate with thoughts and it comes out.

I had my own chuckle thinking yes! we

go to the learning lab and then off to the Reading Rainbow!

Friday was a chill day

It seems that we have been going non stop for the last few weeks. Yesterday was a zero appointment day. I managed to take a few naps in between working on a few things.

We made a trip to the dollar tree and dollar general. Michele loves a good bargain so she really gets excited about the dollar stores. Over time you learn that one of the stores has certain products that are better stocked than the other. It is always a hoot to wander the aisles.

When growing up we had 5 and dime stores. Mom loved to take us there for little toys as a kid. You mainly measured a successful visit in the quantity of items and not the cost. As adults we are no different. Toilet paper and paper towels were the “bounty” we scored yesterday. Plus a few other items. It is the joy of a good deal and paying less than you can get at the big stores.

We managed to get to bed early for our appointments this morning. 9:00 am is still early. I have been on a Commitment to workout daily. I have my road bike mounted on a stand and use the peloton app to do classes. We both were up and ready to go for 8:10am. I got everything knocked out on the ride, my athletic greens, and my own medications.

The weekend clinic

I am writing this as we sit waiting for our results review. We did the blood work and then walked over to “The Park” area. There is a “mostly” 24 hour Starbucks there. It is a large atrium area with skylights 3 stories high. The carpet is all grass green and there are park benches and tables throughout.

This was one of the areas that the center strives to make it feel welcoming. Looking around this Saturday morning you see the staff getting coffee and a few patients in the area. There was a young man with his laptop out and his IV tree with fluids. He seemed to be on the phone trying to navigate the intricate paths of the healthcare insurance system.

Elsewhere there are the other sounds of a patient having a bad day. Frustrations expressed. There are many times that the word helpless resonates in this building.

Our numbers are good. No platelets or blood today! I had a mentor years ago told me to practice not gloating when you are given something. Like great numbers. So you walk out the building the same measured way you walked in.

Gift cards that make me cry.

Today we had a card arrive from my uncle Hubert and his wife Cathy. Sometimes in life, the blessings are unexpected. We got the mail before we headed off to MD Anderson. Michele opened the card with a lovely message and gift card.

I fought back tears driving. I am not sure Michele caught it or not. Hugh is my Dad’s younger brother. He was there when my dad passed overnight in 2006. . I am pretty sure he woke me up to let me know it happened. There is a truth in that the people that will show up are just true blessings. No request required.

His wife Cathy was a longtime nurse and nursing educator. She is often commenting on our post. Her words are comforting more than we can express. She has been in the hospitals when what we would consider as ancient history now. She likely trained one of the nurses we come across. Even with all the face mask we have put on, you see the caring in their voices and eyes.

My tears were from the overwhelming feeling of care. Thank you both for “being here” for us even though it is virtually.

Mother’s Day is here.

I wish all the Mothers out there a happy and blessed Mother’s Day. There is something magical in the gift of being called mom. We have already received some items from some cherished business partners and our own children. Tomorrow is another “day off for us. We are simply going to live it.

We are feeling good today so we will live it.


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