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Nelarabine = Fatigue

We are currently in the big DIP after the last chemo round. It was a clinical trial that uses a new drug called Nelarabine. This is different from the normal regimen of Cytarabine. The big side effects are nausea and extreme sleepiness. We are firmly feeling both symptoms.

Her sister Linda took her to the clinic this morning. It was a super early appointment starting at 7:00am. That means we need to be gone by 6:00am and up by 5:30am. None of these times are fun! It was wheelchair day today. I am guessing partly from the early day but also from the cumulative effects of the treatments.

Results of the blood test are in. They show that her numbers are improving from Tuesday. I know I was hoping they would show lower to better align with the Fatigue, but we must celebrate the rising of the numbers.

The Weekend approaches.

Fatigue brings mixed emotions as well as some challenges to the brain fog effect. Michele is often called “A Fighter”. In the quiet times of this disease, it is hard to be grateful. There are still restrictions on where you can go and what you can do. There are times that you feel fine, and the numbers are off and you feel bad, and the numbers are fine.

Last week, we saw more “idle” Michele. Forced to rest by the body but has a mind wanting to be active. Growing up we had a notion of taking a “Sunday drive”. It used to be a favorite trick to get our daughter Megan to fall asleep. We will do some Sunday drives this weekend. The fun thing about these drives is that there is no ultimate destination. Just stops along the way.

Summer is coming

Houston is a HOT city. We bought fresh flowers for the garden this weekend. As the early spring growth dies, the hardy summer flowers begin blooming. Here are a few pictures of the garden. It is certainly therapy and peaceful to sit and look upon the amazing world we live in.

Our Sunny Corner of the Garden
The Long Stretch
L love these flowers!
My favorite new addition – Light from the Kinney Family for Mother’s day!

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