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Friends weekend

Correction for a previous blog. I am told it has only been 38 years for the friends not 40 8-).

Weekends are always interesting times for the way they fall on the chemo schedule. In the immediate weeks after the last round she has has a rough fight with the nausea. Fortunately it has all settled down to enjoy her friends.

Ann, Gina, Kim and Lori brightened her weekend. These good friends from high school made it an awesome visit. From shirts,gifts, and snacks that marked the day to the stories and laughter it was a hit.

They gave me the preemptive name of the male lady whistledown. Y’all secrets are safe. As life goes there are people and events that gently fade to the back of our minds. 38 years can certainly drift away a lot of things. The magic in gathering again is that each person has a memory that sticks. Piece enough of them together and you have 24 hours of happiness.

The young are missing out on things not recorded or posted. I wonder if as they age will there be memories of what few knew. I had a day away with some friends and when I arrived back home around 11:00 pm they were still going strong.

Sure there is gray hair and the aches and pains that come with being in your 50s. The faces and voices all rang the same as they did 38 years ago. I did not know them in high school. Michele met me in college. I am fortunate that we all did meet before our adult lives took us all in different directions.

Even being up in the mornings and having coffee and breakfast you can tell they all just fell right back in to the friendship of long ago.

Thank you all for coming and making a great weekend for Michele this past weekend. I know y’all will meet again as the journey continues.

Birthday today!

As I write this, a friend has Michele today for her clinic visit. She turns 56. Last year we spent her day with friends in Mexico. It was a big celebration. How do you celebrate a day while you fight for your life? Quietly. No big plans. Just her and I tonight. Happy Birthday to you babe! You are amazing, more than ever!


In the book i am reading I am learning about the transition to after treatment. Now that we are over the half way mark with three more treatments to go we are asking what is next.

Obviously you think you want to go back to the way things were before. And then I found this quote.

Terrifying discovery! To take that message in and reduce it to there is no return to before. It is comforting though. We hit reset and now begin a new discovery of life. It is as if we were transported to another planet to start anew.

Cycle 6 comes Thursday.

Who looks forward to inpatient treatments? I guess I do. It is another tick of the hour hand. Beginning a new hour. We know this one. I have the medicine regimen in my head. I know the steroids to come after give her a good boost. I know the path to the elevator and my way to the cafe.

5 days we spend together in the rooms on the 16th floor. Limited visitors, it is us and the nurse staff. We have packed less and less with each visit. It is a ritual that we will forever have embedded in our souls and will be ready for any future internments.

With all the positive vibes coming our way, we plan to be back in Mexico on June 10th with our work family. Followed by a few days with close friends there. It is a gateway trip to our next chapter.

Keep the prayers and energy coming. The story has much more to come.

I’ll be sure to let you know how the treatments are going in a few days.


One thought on “Friends weekend

  1. Thank you, Lord Whistledown (not Lady, I think). It was truly a joy to stay in your home. Laughter really is the best medicine, although I don’t think it is a cure in this case. But the love and the positive energy did flow last weekend and it really did feel like we had only been apart weeks and no (ahem) 38 years.
    We are all blessed to have Michele (and you) in our lives. I keep up the faith that the years in all of our futures will be many.


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