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We now know what it was

Real brief post.

She was suffering from a non convulsive epileptic seizure. The doctors have given her medicine to come out of it. Really amazing they can do that.

She is now on an iv to help keep her from having anymore of them.

We are moving floors right after the shift change so that can connect her to telemetry monitoring.

The EEG was the only real way to see what was happening. I will have more to write on this later.

Your prayers are working. It was extraordinary to see her “wake” up.

The team here continues to amaze me.

She is going to be ok. We will be here a little longer and we have a lot of questions about how and why.

Thank you all for your patience. And love. And support.


7 thoughts on “We now know what it was

  1. Mike and Michele, as I read your words I have none of my own; and they would suck anyway. I am in awe of both of you. I am in awe of your grit Michele, to fight and give “C” the finger. Stand strong lady! You got this! Mike to watch you from afar (mostly by reading your emails and hearing you speak for Michele on weekly TFG calls as she kicks ass) I am in awe of your courage. You may not feel strong, but you are. You are walking alongside your girl, and that is all a husband can do is love his wife. You both are so strong.

    Mad admiration and respect for the both of you. I know our God will use your strength and your fight in this journey to bless so many once you are on the other side.

    I’ve said too much. So sorry.

    Much love from MN!

    Jason Martin


  2. Hallelujah Mike & Michelle. I emailed several of my prayer partners to ask them to pray for you guys. Hope y’all can get some rest tonight. Praying!! 🙏 praying. Love ❤️ to you 2.
    One day at a time.


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