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Her voice returns

Waking up today I wanted to know she was getting better. When I reached out to Linda I got the news that she was talking more and asking when she was getting out. Great news!

When I arrived at the room around 7:30 I heard her voice. The strength and tone were there. She was coming back!

Doctor rounds

The doctors started making rounds and with each visit it seems that her condition is becoming more likely to be a rare reaction to possibly the cytarabin. We are still waiting on extended test results to come back. We are continuing to find more test coming back as clear.

The funny later so it’s funny now moment.

When she had the seizure they needed to have speech therapy evaluate her before she could have any foods or liquids. This is to make sure she can swallow properly and they her muscles in her throat were working.

I knew Michele was back because she wanted the therapist to come and to come now. It seemed to tickle our nurses Gini to call the therapist and even brought the phone in to let Michele tell her that she was starving.

Therapist snapped back “your not starving”. Oh hell no. Lol.

She eventually came up and cleared her for food.

She knew what she wanted.

World of difference

The change in 24 hours has been remarkable. We are still not clear and she does need to regain some strength. She has been able to walk to the restroom mostly on her own today. She also has been amazed by how much “stuff” she had in her.

Her last food was Sunday morning. Today is Wednesday. She is counting on loosing a little weight from this.

With the exception of an hour long nap, she has been up and talking. She is watching tv and now has her phone and going through all the text and voicemails.

It is the little things.

So many of you are on this journey have reached out and given! Unexpected grace that is much appreciated. Today she is eating her “I make leukemia look good shirt”! After wearing hospital gowns the last 3 days, this is a little big thing.

The first food she insisted had to be pizza. The deliveries to this hospital can be real challenging. Even though I waited over an hour for door dash the other night, the driver was so nice and even was going to pray for her. The pizza delivery man today was much the same.

Kindness is a commodity that cannot be measured in a dollars. It is measured by the fullness of the heart. Ours is full today.


5 thoughts on “Her voice returns

  1. I’m high school friends with Michele and we were in band together. My heart goes out to you all and I’m praying for healing and calmness for y’all. So many fun times we had back then and I know your family will all keep having fun together. Send her my love.


  2. I’m happy to see her eating Pizza 🙂 my prayers for her, you and your family. I know the feeling. God is with you. Thank you for sharing each moment. I proud of her, she is like my husband Gus, they are warriors and we are blessing to have them.


  3. Praise God for this remarkable resurgence! Thank you for keeping us informed, we continue to pray for complete healing and for you all to stay strong.


  4. When you pass thru waters I will be with you Isaiah 44:2.
    Amen ! Hallelujah ! Thank You Lord for your protection.
    Love ❤️ y’all & still praying 🙏.


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