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Home Tomorrow

All doctors are converging on her going home tomorrow. They want to monitor her overnight.

This morning her Hemoglobin was low. It is not unusual for this period for that to happen. They gave a unit of blood early this morning.


She rested more overnight. Yesterday she learned more about what had happened. You can imagine that she was scared to close her eyes, fearing falling back into seizure. We made it through the night and all the doctor visits, the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, bandage change, and more!

We must work on shoring up her strength, but that will come. We know she is a fighter that will continue push the edges.

I will let everyone know when we are home. You all have a great weekend ahead.


3 thoughts on “Home Tomorrow

  1. Michelle been steady on my mind and I am praying, your strength is amazing and encouraging, God is really using you. Amen.


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