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The yellow bag on the pole

Good morning, everyone. It is early here at MD Anderson. My wife is a bad ass. I have known this from early on in our relationship. She works hard, loves hard, fights hard, and like all of us can hurt hard.

She was back serving clients yesterday afternoon

I woke up this morning from my deluxe couch in the corner of the room with a sense that I had a solid night’s rest… In a hospital. Hospital is synonymous with “good luck with that” when it comes to sleeping. Michele flipped her game on me with the epic battle of what to set the thermostat too. She got up and set it a little bit colder than normal so I could sleep.

She made 5 bathroom trips on her own and I did not wake for a single one!

Yellow bag


Hemoglobin comes in a bag in a deep red color. That was yesterdays new bag of the day. Today we have platelets which is “grey poupon” color of yellow. This is normal. Normal for this “day” in the cycle after the chemo where the numbers dip to bottom out. They give these blood products to help fill in the gaps and to support new growth.

The overnight nurse here Yvees has been incredible. She has kept great conversation with Michele all night and has been on-top of all the routines it takes to go home. Michele had her blood work drawn around mid-night so that we could get the process of supporting her blood started early.

We will be done with the bag before 8:00am.

More later

We expect to be in the car and on the way home later this morning. I have so much to write about our experience this past week in the hospital and in external trials we have faced. It may take weeks for me to put in words adequately and appropriately on the digital paper.

I want to thank everyone that has stepped up with emotional support, prayer, and financial assistance this last week. We are overwhelmed with your compassion and support. When we get home, I will be focused on healing my own health, physical and mental. Two of my sisters will be in town, Missy and Mona, to help out. I am looking forward to spending time with them and getting some rest.


3 thoughts on “The yellow bag on the pole

  1. You are all in my prayers and sending positive energy your way.🙏🏼❤️

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