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Quiet Week

When the good news is no news!

Our Saturday and Tuesday Clinic visits were unremarkable. (Technical hospital jargon lol). Her blood count numbers are continuing to normalize after the last cycle. All this is good!

While we cannot be in Cancun with our friends this week, we are taking the time to get out eat Mexican food. We also have been walking 3+ miles a day. Sometimes in the sun to pretend like we are walking around the resort. Our Villa is suspiciously looking just like our house!

Neurology and seizure

We did have a follow up visit with the neurology department. Following the seizure, they put Michele on anti-seizure medicine (Keppra). In the follow up, we learned a couple of things.

  1. There is a Texas Law that prohibits someone from driving for 3 months after any seizure event. Looks like my Chauffeur job is secure.
  2. Michele will be on this medicine indefinitely.

The clinician says that once you have one, you are more prone to more. I have mixed emotions about this one. I want to believe it was chemo related and not something more spontaneous. I also want to make sure that we avoid having another episode if all possible. It will be a daily pill moving forward and we are ok with it.

We also will follow up every 6 months with neurology to keep an eye on things.

Big weekend ahead!

Father’s Day weekend is ahead, and Andrew and Andrea Alleman will be in for a visit. They heard that we were going to have a “Mexico” party at the neighbors on Saturday. Sunday night I get to pick up the Yeakeys from the second “all-inclusive business sponsored trip” that we have had to miss due to Leukemia.

We are not sure how our future will unfold, but we are excited that the CDC lifted inbound International Air Passenger requirement for covid testing. We have been concerned about leaving the country and getting stuck if something happened. We are continuing to daydream about a next trip south of the border. Soon. Soon.


One thought on “Quiet Week

  1. Michele, every morning before Breakfast you and your precious husband are in our prayers. May God continue to strength both of you. 💙❤️


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