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Lots of goodness

We met with Doctor Issa yesterday. He is our primary leukemia doctor. First, we are officially skipping Cycle 8! We were all ready to go into the Hospital last night, but it was full. So, we have a couple more nights at home and will go into the Hospital on Saturday.

Michele and I are both relieved to forgo another round of the treatment that caused the seizure. The doctor feels exceptionally good about all the treatments and the status of the remission. Saturday morning, we will call admissions to see when our room will be ready and then we can leave the house then. GREAT NEWS. No waiting around the admissions area or wandering the campus until a room is ready.

PICC line will come out

One of the more concerning things for us was when the PICC line would be removed. We have read that people keep them long after their initial treatments are completed. The Doctor said as soon as her numbers level off after this next round, we should be able to remove it.

This one thing has been a savior of the skin and veins throughout this process. It also requires that we keep it dry. We have wrapped the area with cellophane wrap and have bought a latex cover that fits tightly to keep the water out. We have bought covers to make it less noticeable when wearing short-sleeved shirts. LASTLY, every day at home I have had to “flush” the lines which three syringes of fluids. It has been a quiet nightly ritual.

When we were planning to go to Mexico this month, I had to be trained to replace her bandages as well. The thought of flying with all the fluids and supplies was a big worry. Looking forward, we won’t have to do that.

Radiation is on the schedule

We can see the dates for radiation to occur on My Chart. They may need to be adjusted slightly. It should still be completed before we fly to the Verret Family Reunion in early August.

We are having a quiet day.

Today we are going to have a quiet day and have a good night’s rest before heading into the hospital tomorrow. Happily, our bags are already packed.


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