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Sunday Morning

You never know what God will put in the world for you. Today has been one of those eyes’ wide open days.

Our overnight nurse.

We are used to seeing the same nurses during our stays at least a couple of days. Last night we met Gladys. It was an exceptionally good and uneventful night for Michele. Gladys came in and was very attentive to Michele and worked around Michele chatting until the late night with an old friend. We always go through the routine of asking “will we see you again tonight?”

Gladys in response says, “last night was my LAST night”. She is retiring. While she would normally work the weekends, she could not work this upcoming weekend as it rolls over into a new month. So that was it. I guess I have gotten used to corporate America and their farewell parties and senioritis. You would never have guessed in a million years that it was the last night to work for Gladys. She was retiring and if you had not asked you would have assumed she was just off before discharge.

Michele also is a person who is not trapped in her illness. She is always a person open to being the right person to help others. When Michele asked her if she was nearing 65, she said “oh no, I am 70.” Michele let her know that she helps people with their Medicare and reminded her that she needed to take care of a few things. She planned to review all her materials from HR this week. She took Michele’s card, and I am confident they will chat before weeks end. Good people meeting.

Sunday morning and God is at work as both acknowledge that this is a God thing for them to meet. Michele as always tells folks “I am here to help and do the right thing for you” and immediately it is clear to both that it is who Michele is… genuine.

She stayed for a few minutes and talked about her own daughter being on this floor in that room over there with ALL and how she has been healthy.

God also at work in my heart as I write this. My dad’s mom was also named Gladys and worked in the Rayne LA Hospital for a time. He watches over us in so many mysterious ways. Angels walking in the halls daily here.

Church today

The power of computers and the internet also allowed us to jump on and watch Elevation Church. The guest pastor, Dr. Dharius Daniels had a message that we all needed to hear today. Megan and Jonathan are always quick to let us know when the message was impacting.

During this hospital stay, I was prepared with the external speaker and cable to connect to the TV. As we watched today, it was clear for both of us that we are in seasons of life, and we must be present to live the next season in purpose and not hold on to a past season.

We often want to have “closure”, an explanation of why. Where trust is present, explanations aren’t needed.

I think for both of us, as we reflect on our adult lives there are milestones that we have marked and left behind what was for something we believed would be better. Leaps of faith. The last several years, I think the entire world has been tested on their faith. Between the pandemic and the Leukemia, we have withdrawn from much of the world that we knew. Today’s message called on us to trust forward.

As you have followed this story, you know that we still have much of the journey ahead. What we have before us is the next milestone. Completion of the “Cycles”.

Doctor cautions

Our doctor today told us to stay focused on the treatment and let them know immediately if anything is concerning. She was flushed in the face and neck when he visited. Her neuropathy was still present. They worry about one of the chemo drugs, vincristine, which is a chemo that targets the nerves. We are still not out of the woods. She has some extra meds to aid with neuropathy. We are reminded by the nurses and doctors that we are in the hands of everyday miracle workers and angels.

Tonight, she is on her Day 2 dosage with 2 more days to go. Last night was a peaceful night. We are hopeful tonight will be the same. We have found that CMT is showing back-to-back classics. We just watched the original top gun and are currently watching Titanic. If you recall, I had talked about the Hospital being much like a cruise ship. Humor is present all around.

July will be busy!

We still have 3 days a week to visit MD Anderson for the next 4 weeks. Then we will have 12 business days of radiation. But tonight, we will enjoy some movies and laughter… and Ice cream. She just ordered ice cream. 😎

Hugs to everyone out there listening from the 20th floor.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Angels among us! Enjoyed reading your post and continue to put all your trust in God. He is watching over you.🙏🏻💕


  2. Angels among us! Enjoyed reading your post and continue to put all your trust in God. He is watching over you.🙏🏻💕


  3. This was one of the most inspiring message that you have sent and I think Steve and I are going to join you and eating ice cream! All our love!❤️🙏🏼

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  4. Hello Steve and Michele: greetings from Horseshoe Bay. Thanks for keeping us updated on your and Michele’s journey. While Michele may be the partner receiving the medical treatment, both of you are traveling on a soul-journey which is requiring an inner work of faith. It’s good to read that both of you are open to what the Lord is doing is each of these areas. This brief email is to assure you, Marty and I love and care for you deeply. We continue to believe with you for God’s purposes, miracles and plans to be completed in your lives. You may not hear from us often, nevertheless, you are in our prayers daily. As you well know, we are both temporal and eternal. Our temporal journey prepares us for the eternal. Our responsibility calls for us to read and follow the Eternal manual during our temporal journey. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” As we digest the Words of the Bible, we understand and accept by faith that, “all things” work together for good, to them who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.  Romans 8: 28 NIV. Greetings to your lovely family. Sincerely, Ben and Marty Castillo 

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