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Want to know what happened?

I am sure that you are all wondering what kept us in the hospital for the entire holiday. Let’s start with the fall.

The fall

After many days of testing and trying to figure out what caused the fall, the consensus is that she was severely dehydrated. She fainted as she overheated. Which is good news overall as early on we thought she was experiencing more seizures.

When we got home yesterday, we tried to figure out why she ended up on the floor on my side of the bed. The best we could have figured was that she started to faint when she walked in the room and kept walking in that direction. I don’t know if she fell from fully standing or if she was halfway down.

She landed on the left side of her face and ended up with eye fractures and a brush burn on the face. I have contemplated how much worse this could have been if she had fallen full frontal. When I found her, she was awake and in shock, but nothing like the seizure she experienced.

Post ACCC stay

Once we were in the Hospital, she began having issues with super LOW blood pressure. That is the main reason for remaining in the hospital through Tuesday. We had some scary times. We got used to the Bed Alarm when she got up to use the bathroom. We got used to more blood pressure readings. We got used to the extra fluids they gave her as well.

They started her on a new medication to also raise her blood pressure.

Moreover, her blood counts were low as they would normally be after her Chemo. Tuesday, they gave her a platelet and blood transfusion. Tuesday, she had regained some more strength and was able to walk around a bit more.

She has a fancy heart monitor that tracks her heart for 48 hours. The good thing about MD Anderson is they have specialists in every field, and they consult quickly. During the stay we had eye doctors and heart doctors review her case. The Cardiologist have said her heart appears to be fully functioning normally.

She was scheduled to do her day 11 chemo on Tuesday, and they have postponed that for now. We will see our regular Doctor at Clinic next Thursday. We believe we may just skip this dose as well.


When she got home last night, we had to exercise caution with her. We made sure that she had someone around her when she stood and walked. There were only a few bathroom trips overnight and so we managed to get some decent rest.

This morning she is feeling better and more alert. She started some steroid pills this morning and we know that will keep her “pepped” up.

Linda and her daughter Jennifer are here. It has been a good day filled with laughter and catching up. Today will be a slow day. Michele has some client calls to make and that will get her mind back in a good place.

We have a home day today. No hospital visits. It is a good day.


4 thoughts on “Want to know what happened?

  1. Greatest news of the week. I know this was scary but Michele is tough. I admire her spirit & drive. She will need this to beat this demon. I am still praying for y’all and love ❤️ ya’ll. Take one day / one hour at a time.


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