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Moving to the next phase

Yesterday we visited with the doctor. The great news is we are officially done with the main chemo rounds. Done.

It is a little bitter sweet after the fall two weeks ago. The general thought is that she fainted from a drop in blood pressure. She is remaining on the blood pressure lifting medicine for a while until she starts measuring higher bp.

We also believe the seizure to be more isolated and we may eliminate the seizure med in the coming months.


On Monday we will start the 12 days of radiation. Which I really look forward to getting done. This is like the last mile of any run I have done. Where my legs seized up. I would lose my breath and my pace would slow. So close. Yet seems far. Let’s get this done.

We don’t anticipate any problems. But I am always thinking ahead.

This will bring all the heavy lifting of the treatment to an end by August second.

Road Trip

Today is also the first time since October we are traveling together outside of a 50 mile radius of Houston. We are headed to Dallas for a company gathering. It is truly surreal. We have had multiple plans over the months to go places. Today is a day we are.

We expect to be excessively cautious. We will have our N95 mask and tell everyone no hugs. Just to be around them is enormously refreshing.

Our dog, cupcake, has been hanging in here with us through this season. He is really old but I think he senses that he is as much a comfort for us as we are for him. He gets to be kenneled at his favorite place for a couple of days. He has his own room with a tv and bed and a glass see through door. No kennel cages and it is fairly quiet. Spoiled.

More road ahead

After radiation we will still have a regimen of pills and once a month lower dose chemo. We expect anywhere from one and a half years to three years.

We also are hoping to remove her picc line this month. I am hoping we can do during our visits for radiation. Just waiting for the numbers to level off.

The blog will continue

There is much healing and restarting of our lives. We have been blessed by those that have supported us through all these months. We have a lot to accomplish and strengthening to do.

Michele was hopeful that the hair that had been growing back the last couple of months would stay. Unfortunately it started falling out again.

I know she is feeling better as she was showing me short hair styles yesterday. She will rock it short or long. The many hairstyles of Michele are yet to come.

Everyone have a great week. We are in a great place today.


7 thoughts on “Moving to the next phase

  1. Glad to read this Great report, stay positive and know you have lots of friends and family praying. 🙏🏻❤️💙


  2. Again, so thankful for these updates! Our prayers remain with you nightly. We are 30 mins from Dallas and I would love nothing more than a visit with Michele but know now is prob not the best time for that. Please send her my love and hugs!


  3. We are so happy to hear this great news. God is Good still praying for complete healing. We have been Praying everyday for Ya’ll may God continue to Bless and keep her on the healing and recovery road. Prayers go up Blessings and Healings come down.


  4. Michele, I’m thinking about you, and how smoking hott you will look with all the short hair styles! you always pulled anything off. I love you so much! I’m amazed with your strength and grace. I see it in Megan, and often times I envy it. I know I am not this strong. I hope to love on you soon!

    Magic Mike- thanks for all the updates, and supporting our super woman, I love you too!!!


  5. I’m so happy that you 2 get to be in Dallas. I know everyone will ❤️ seeing you. Art is still in recovery at Harrison Woods and must keep his Pic line until the 24th. Have a great day. You two are awesome. God continue to bless you.


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