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Radiation day!

Day one

Today we start radiation. This means daily trips to the medical center overlapping with blood work three times a week. Sundays we have off.

It is a bit of excitement for us. We started early this morning with blood work appointment. Her numbers were on the cusp of low so we are here till late for transfusions.

She will get a dose of blood and platelets today. It may be that we have more of these in the next week. The good news is she is feeling exceptionally well today despite the numbers.

Appetite is good

We took the break between blood and radiation to go to Chick-fil-A. She loves their market salad and she almost licked the platter clean. :-). And she got a peach shake and slurped it down quickly as well.


We are sitting in the radiation waiting area. She should go back soon. And then we have a meeting with the doctor. All in all a very good vibe to the day.

Back early tomorrow. We start at 7:30am. The only super early appointment. I almost talked her into staying in a hotel but there is always something special about home.

All is good. Thanks for the prayers and love and energy.

Will post more later this week.

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