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Twenty-five percent done.

Yesterday we finished day three of radiation. All is going well. Mentally breaking it down into threes helps me cope with it. This is daily drives to MD Anderson. Each day this week has been full days.

Waiting for radiation

We also had blood and platelets on Monday. An early morning 7am on Tuesday. And then yesterday…

The eye doctors

Good news. Her eyes are good and there is no reason to consider surgery. We did discover the fractures are at the back of the eye socket. The bones will just stay that way. The eyes movement and the eye itself are looking good. The only thing we must watch for is of the eye itself starts sinking back into the head.


After all these months, Chick-fil-a is back in business in Cafe Anderson. It clearly has been sorely missed as there is a special line that snakes around the cafe for people waiting for their food. You cannot walk through MD Anderson without seeing a bag or cup (of their lemonade). Ironically on Monday, we had a break between sessions and snuck off site to a Chick-fil-a store about four miles away.

I am confident the lines will settle down in the future. But it was good to see an alternative to the food. No matter how good it has been, 10 months of hospital cafe and room service does wear a bit thin.

Time to raise up

Today we also have decided to raise up our #1 companion in this journey, Cupcake. He has been a trooper over the years. We at one point had 4 animals, two dogs and two cats. We are not sure if he is looking forward to joining the cats, but we know he is looking forward to seeing Shiloh, who passed away a couple of years ago. He came to us one Christmas as a gift from Michele’s brother Milton.

He is now almost 20 years old in human years. I have to say that he is the dog that when given a choice will always be next to Michele. When Michele was home, he always lay down next to her. I don’t remember a time when we did not have a pet around the house. We have an incredible Kennel that has taken care of him and Shiloh over the years. We spoiled them with a deluxe suite with a TV, comfortable bed, and separation from the other animals.

Today while we are letting him rejoin his friends, we are lifting him up for being an incredible pet and companion. We will forever love you Cupcake!

Cupcake and Michele

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