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Three more radiation appointments

Today we finished the ninth round of radiation. We are not going to Jinx it. It seems like such a long way from the diagnosis till this day and yet it has consumed so much time.

This week, Linda has been here to assist. I watch how each day Michele is getting stronger in her mind and body. The radiation treatment has not had any noticeable impact. Her blood work numbers have been up and down from the last chemo. We expected a cumulative effect on the numbers, and it is taking longer for the numbers to normalize.

We are seeing the numbers taking an upward trend.

Last week, I printed the numbers from right before her diagnosis. This was when all the numbers were in NORMAL ranges. I am hoping the major numbers we are watching will return and stay within normal ranges in the months to come.

The hair

I both look forward to it growing back and hoping that she will continue to leverage the wigs in the closet. Early on in treatment she did not really want to wear wigs. Maybe, it was the concern for not looking like herself.

Over the months I think it has become a symbol of a new Michele. There are some things about her that are forever changed. I like to think that these changes are for the better. I am sure she will ask what these “things” are of me later today.

The shift

I will simply say it this way. Sometimes we need to take a pit stop, change the tires, refuel, and give life another run! A couple of years ago we were able to attend the F1 races in Austin. Those pit stops were phenomenal. Superhuman even! One of the key things in the pit stop is the swapping of the tires. Where the rubber hits the road.

These last 9-10 months have been a pit stop for us. Many days were filled with worry and sorrow. Many days were filled with determinism and grit. Many days were simply a rest.

We have learned much about ourselves and I am proud of how much she has grown and been resilient in this time. While I know there were dark days there were plenty of brightly lit days. Those will be the ones we carry forward.

Living forward

This weekend we are shuffling off to Lake Charles to celebrate my sister Karen’s birthday and my own. There will be more celebrations in our lives ahead. The following weekend we are headed to Michele’s family reunion. All her siblings and their families will be there. We are all looking forward to just being together.

We plan to continue to work and grow our business and further develop relationships that have stayed strong through this tough time. We will hold more railings for now and step carefully and will simply LIVE forward.

We have much to be grateful for today and if you are reading this blog today, we appreciate you for being with us on this journey. Which we have much left to ensure the Cancer stays at bay.


5 thoughts on “Three more radiation appointments

  1. Happy Birthday Mike!🎂🙏🏼❤️

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  2. Tim Mcgraw ” Live Like you were Dying”. Tim dedicates that song to his dad Tug Mcgraw. He became close to his dad who came to live with him in his later life.


  3. You have been through so much. The real measure of who we are is “Who we are when our back is against the walk”. You both have given all of us, pause to think and learn how to live when we don’t if we will live. Like the Tim Mcgraw song “Live Live You Were Dying” Thank you for sharing the dark hours and the sun filled days with us. I love you both very much.


  4. YOU GUYS ROCK! Michele You are a Warrior and I Love hearing how you are recovering. Cancer picked a fight with the WRONG WOMAN! YOU GO GIRL! WARRIOR!


  5. Awesome man. We are rooting you both on! And prayers for sure. Happy Birthday! Love Alex and Ginny


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