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Gearing up for Maintenance

Last week we had a busy day professionally. We made it out to WACO TX to visit one of our insurance carriers, American Amicable. It has been a long journey for us to be able to make a trip like this.

The pace of the “event” was perfect for Michele. We drove in and a dinner with a few people and then we went to bed. The next morning there was a visit to the ALICO building with the group. They like to take you to the roof to see the country side. It is “Cricket Season” and the roof was covered with them! After lunch we had the rest of the afternoon off.

A nice afternoon to rest and just catch up on emails and visit with a couple of people was perfect. We finished the day with the group at “The Main Event” where some serious bowling was going down. Michele was a little disappointed that I would not let her bowl. After one game we exited via UBER and went to bed early.

We missed our work family. It was good to catch up on some of their travels and what’s next.

To bed Early

That is the theme lately. We are also trying to get up early, but it is trying to shut down the brain and get into rest most early. We don’t always success. Sometimes it is midnight before we fall asleep.

In the last three weeks we have ramped up our business activity so that does make us tired as well.


We go back this Thursday for another assessment for the Maintenance cycles to begin. We did learn more about what it will mean. More pills were for sure. Once a month chemo outpatient was also assured. In-patient chemo every 6 months was not on our radar. We have made jokes and gave a cry over the fact that they won’t tell you much ahead of time. Yet it does make sense.

Most things in life do not start with the ADVANCED information. We watched the ending of Apollo 13 the other night and it was utterly amazing what these men accomplished in 1970. Michele asked me, how did they do it? I said it was engineering and math. I laughed… but then not really. Those were the days of slide rules! Yet… they did it.

Wings over Houston 2021 – Mike Alleman, Kevin Domingue, Gene Kranz, Denise Walker, Wes Foote

Shortly before her diagnosis last year we were at the local air show. Our friend Kevin said, “Hey Denise is showing Gene Kranz around… do you want to meet him?” The immediate answer is yes! See, Gene was the Flight Director for Apollo 13. We sat with him for a bit and he asked lots of questions.

โ€œFailure is not an option.โ€

– Gene Kranz

We know the phrase, but he embodied it when the country needed him the most. He still lives in the area here and truly has a childlike glint in his eye. He is 89 years old now.

Gene in Mission Control

Until you face destruction and see the other side of it, it is hard to comprehend the power of that glint. I see it increasingly in Michele’s eyes.

We know she has a long way to go in recovery. I would be sure to tell you that her greatest stories have yet to be written.


This coming weekend we are off to a fly-in with our good friends in Fredericksburg TX. If you have never been, I recommend it. There is a hotel at the airport called the Hanger Hotel. On Saturday night there is a USO dance with a big band and all. We are looking forward to getting decked out. Not so much dancing as we are used to, but it is another milestone!

We look forward to seeing our “NAVION” friends that we have come to know over the years and have been praying for us along the way. It was one of the group, Bruce, who is a doctor, which was one of my early calls when Michele was feeling ill. Before we knew what it was, we had good people on our court.

Everyone have a wonderful week! I will let you know more when we know when the maintenance will begin.

Sunday dinner and business strategy

One thought on “Gearing up for Maintenance

  1. This message is so uplifting, looks like you all are having fun and yet being cautious. Enjoy, this is all good news. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’™


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