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Half way through…

We are now halfway through our first cycle of POMP. Our numbers are a little low and but are holding. Everything to be expected as our doctor says.

Our Tuesday

Even though we are old school now going to the medical center only a couple of times a month, we found a new trick. The I45 Expressway. Trivial things I know. Zipping pass traffic to get to downtown was HUGE! Haha.

We arrived for blood work around 8:30. It was a light crowd. Many days at home now we are forgetting about a lot of our days in the medical center. It is Tuesday and we need to move on to our next station. Non-OR Anesthesia.

A Small Procedure

Today we are getting a bone marrow biopsy to check for residual disease. If you remember her last biopsy some months ago, you know it was one the most painful things she had done. She swore she wanted to be knocked out for this next one. Well, we have good news. The Propofol (in a controlled medical environment) was the bomb!

We were in the middle of a sales meeting when she came too. I was speaking for her on the phone and she was giving me things to say while still passed out. I was laughing and it was touching the hearts of the people on the call. As she comes more to, she is telling me how they were about to start the procedure before she was out! And she told them “You can’t start yet! I am still awake!” That lit her fire for the rest of the day. Haha.

No Pain this time

She made it through the procedure just fine. In Fact, she had experienced no pain at all on this one. All we can figure was the last procedure missed the mark. We are thankful for sure that this was better. I am sure the hospital will not mind serving up the anesthesia.

We should find out about the result next week.

Check in with our doctor

They have been exceptional in letting us get in early when we have long days. On our new cycle things are going well. The Doctor was clear to let us know that these cycles are flexible, and he will give the green light for each start to the next cycle. That was comforting. He also has been very generous about what we can do. Michele had read that one of the medicines you should not drink caffeine and so she was slowing down on it. He said she can have as much as she wants.

I realize that no matter what the individual medicines say to avoid, she has experienced far more damaging elements in this chemo cycle. I dare to say that the doctors are simply humane in their application of medicine.

Other good news

Something unexpected came about in our doctor’s office. He said we can get the Omaya Reservoir removed. This was not something we had talked about since we believed that we were not going to ever take it out. We asked about the risk? Like it is brain surgery? I do think it is MD Anderson doctors that stare at things like that risks and don’t blink. He said, we don’t need it. Let’s take it out.

We still must consult with a surgeon on it. It will be an Md Anderson brain surgeon. I can only imagine that a simple straw in the brain should be easily compared to what they do daily. We will keep you informed.

I share the good news

We have had some bumpy days. Days where we don’t feel as energized. Days we are asleep SUPER early. Then there are the days where you truly don’t feel well, and you shut down the world.

We are getting more more used to rolling with the punches.

And we also did something new! We did a little photoshoot as we are working on some new things. Here are a few.


7 thoughts on “Half way through…

  1. These are amazing pictures!! I am so glad I got to see you, Michele and Megan on Thursday. Made sitting thru Medicare training so much better!


  2. This awesome, I know it’s a great feeling to look back & see how far y’all have progressed on this journey. Love the photos. Still praying 🙏


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