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Settling into Maintenance

We are becoming increasingly normal in our daily routines now. Michele does Physical Therapy a couple of times a week. She can drive so that has been great news. Last week was busy for sure. I think we will expect that kind of week once a month.

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Cancer and life will continue on at this site.

This weekend we managed to get a couple of boat rides under our belt. Saturday, we got to meet Christopher’s girlfriend’s parents, Stephanie, and Al. They were visiting the area and it seemed like a suitable time to get to know them. This is the first time we have met parents without the kids being there also!

It was a great late afternoon boat ride followed by anchoring in the cove and trying out our new float chairs. A quick stop afterwards to change we were off to dinner. The Kemah area is a fun eclectic area of Houston. I liked Al’s philosophy of driving 10 minutes in all directions to see what you can find. There are so many places to find here, it is nice to hear someone chose a non-chain restaurant.

Our local favorite is Schafers’s bar and grill. We like the fact that it is right on the water, the food is good, and so are the drinks. Pricy? yes. but worth the vibe. After dinner it was quick drop off at the boardwalk and off to bed for all of us! We left thinking that our babies should make it as a couple. No pressure. 😎

On Sunday a small group when back out for an afternoon hanging out at the cove. We are celebrating the birthday month for Aaron and Phyllis. There are days when the music and friends are good, and the water is exactly right. This was one of those days. I saw a tiktok earlier about how people in the 50+ category have figured out how to do things that young adults do at 3am but we know you can also do them at 3pm. Without being tired. lol. It was a good time, and we will leave it at that.

Neurosurgery consultation

This Friday we are set to meet with the Neurosurgeon to see about being able to take the Omaya Reservoir. You can go to some of the early posts where we talked about what it is and how typically it is never removed. We are excited to see if it can be removed.

Michele has already figured out to do surgery, she would have to cut away the hair around the spot. She has already decided if it does come out, she will shave her head again. She is getting used to having the hair back now. It is soft to the touch.

I will let you know more about what the doctor says this week.

Keep Florida in your prayers

Living on the gulf coast there is always some challenges to face. Texas has been fortunate recently. Michele’s sister, Sharon, and family are going to hunker down and ride out the storm. We know of other friends in the area that are at an event this weekend, so they are away from the storm. Back when IKE came through Houston, we too were at a company event.

Prayers for all your safety and property to be intact.


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