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Wrapping up Cycle one

A few updates for everyone this evening.


The reservoir is staying in. After talking with the Neurosurgeon, it was decided that there really is not a thing called Elective Brain Surgery. There are a small number of reasons to crack open the skull and try and remove a sippy straw from the brain. Infection. Pain. Extreme Discomfort. The risk of it being stuck and causing more damage is too high.

I know we were all hoping that it would not be so complicated, and, in the end, we agreed that the best thing was to leave it there. The good news is that Michele’s hair is growing back and already, we can barely notice the Omaya. That is the good news as it won’t be seen. Since I am the only one rubbing her head at night… We should be ok.

Rough week

Michele is rarely ill. Even with Cancer. This week has been a rollercoaster of nausea and “other stuff”. Fatigue has also been an issue as well.

When we met with the Doctor today, it was concluded that what we are experiencing is due to the Chemo cycle we are on. We are going to make a few adjustments to medicines this week and take a break from the Maintenance cycle. Hopefully, all will settle down.


Michele has been officially in remission since January of this year. Why are we continuing? Because cancer comes back, and we are not going to give it a chance.

This week Michele found out from a client that she had a daughter with ALL that was diagnosed in October of last year and is currently relapsing. This news hit Michele hard. None of us can imagine what is going through Michele’s mind. Most days, we don’t want to know 8-). Living with a disease that is swift and may be lurking can challenge even the strongest of souls.

She was “down” Thursday through Sunday hard. None of us that watch this warrior fight would expect it. Yet, she is human, and as we all find out at some point, is vulnerable. Michele has not experienced some of the emotions she is going through for most of her life. As a caregiver, I find it most challenging to breathe and give her grace in these moments. Not because I can’t give her that grace… it is that she has never needed my grace in all our years together as this last year.

The Good news for the week

We are free. Free to roam. Free to pursue our love of travel. Free to be among the rest of the living. Caution around large groups is still required. Yet each day, we find more reasons to be grateful for life, family, and friends. As our business continues to recover, we are finding new ways to reach out and let more people know what we do.

Michele is a total BADASS in the insurance industry BECAUSE she cares and loves her clients, and they love her back. I am amazed at how much in our perfect storm of life how she has risen above and become a more well-rounded and well-respected representative for our companies and clients.

Keep the good vibes coming. You never know when we have that moment of need.

6 thoughts on “Wrapping up Cycle one

  1. Hi guys. So happy to know Michele is is remission. We will continue to pray things go well. Blessings.


  2. Thanks for the update. You continue to inspire me to be a better me. ✨️ Keep the faith.


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