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It’s been a good week

When we visited the doctor last week, Michele was not feeling well. Her stomach was giving problems and she was overall feeling weak. The Doctor told her to stop the “Chemo” pills she had been taking and take a break for a week. She was happy about that!

Yesterday we met with our doctor again. Overall, Michele has been feeling better. We were ablet to go on the boat last Saturday and enjoy some sun. Tuesday, we left for Dallas to be with our team at a company training event. The last time we were at a similar event she was physically exhausted on both days.

I am happy to say that she made it through the event without any issues. We had “Normal” tired this last week. We knew we had a busy day on Thursday with MD Anderson. When our event wrapped up, we made the two-hour drive to a small town called Buffalo Texas. We could be a spokesperson for Hilton with all our stays on points over the years. We made it to the Hampton Inn by 7:45pm and headed straight to bed for the night.

The morning

One of the things we have noticed in the last couple of months is that mornings are tough. She is still fighting being tired in the morning. More recently she has been fighting pain in her shoulders. The Doctor was not too certain what the cause may be. So, a decision was made to stop one of the medicines to see if that may be part of the cause of the pain.

We were able to post a video on Thursday morning of our short morning walk in Buffalo. It was exciting that we were able to get up and move after two days of intense training (sitting).

The numbers

Most of her numbers are doing well. The most concerning numbers are related to her Liver Enzymes. In a normal person, there would be major cause for concern. One of the other medicines could play a part. So, another medicine is being discontinued for now.

She is excited to have less pills to take 8-).

Still paused on maintenance

The Doctor has been clear that she should not feel bad during the maintenance cycle. We are paused for another two weeks.

We are both fighting some fatigue this evening and hopefully will be in bed soon. With any luck, we will be up and moving early again for a walk in this delightful fall weather.


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