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Thanksgiving 2.0

Yesterday, Michele was reading the blog from the very beginning. I am quite sure she read each of them as they were written, but to go back and reflect on all that was captured is a vastly different thing.

I am grateful to have had this outlet over the last 13 months. I am grateful for the friends that have listened, cried, and encouraged through the stories that were not told in these pages. Tomorrow we will mark a year from her first two chemo doses through the Amaya Reservoir.

We had not yet arrived at MD Anderson for treatment. I don’t recall Thanksgiving last year at all. Nor did we document it here. I imagine we were embedded in John Seely Hospital in Galveston at the time.

This year

This year will mark a time of “After”. After the main battle of Cancer. After the struggle to find new normalcy. After a year of isolation from the world. Thankful.

I don’t think anyone planned for all our children to be here for this Thanksgiving. The universe and God just go about making things happen that are supposed to happen. Today, everyone starts arriving.

Over the year, we have built offices for us in our home. Recently, we returned Michele to the original office where 15 years ago we set about a journey of business ownership. She always said the room had a better feng shui about it. Our staff came in and painted the walls while we were out of town, we bought modern furniture, and simplified the way she worked.

Yes, we still have mounds of paper from the early years to sift through, but a fresh start needed a fresh look.

Michele new space

Shopping and cleaning

We have done a lot of cleaning leading up to this week. I will say we have two and a half guest rooms now! The half being a new, genuinely nice, air mattress in her new office. Ready to be popped up on a moment’s notice.

My office continues to be what I call the lint catcher. The space between the house and the final resting place for many files, furniture, and “exercise equipment” that we still can’t fully get rid of.

It’s our home. We have been in this home for 20+ years. We are often asked if we would move and honestly, we just don’t know where we would go. We are patiently awaiting baby Yeakey to join the family as our second grand daughter. We plan to laugh, eat, and rest this Thanksgiving.


Who knows what 2023 will bring. What I do know is we will take it one day at a time.

Good news!

Yesterday we started the second cycle of our Maintenance POMP cycle. One does of vincristine in the arm and a restart on the regiment of pills. In some ways, the prednisone pills she takes for the five days after the chemo will be well used as it is a “Boost?” of energy.

We are both relived after many delays to get back on with it!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Allemans!

Be grateful! Be thankful!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2.0

  1. I pray for you Michelle and your family that you will have a very Happy Thanksgiving! You are in my prayers daily!


  2. God is good and His mercies endure forever. Great report. We continue to pray for Michele and your family. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Ben and Marty


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