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Cruising into the Holidays!

With a new Grandbaby!

We are in the middle of December now and there are several wonderful things to speak of!

Michele is doing better!

This blog started out as a daily dive into the process of battling Leukemia. It seems like it has already been 2 years, but the reality is that it has only been 14 months. November was a month of resets. We reset our expectations on how she would feel. We reset our confidence in being around larger groups. We reset our never-ending desire to travel full throttle!

December, we have learned to take at least one day a week and “smell the roses”; slow down for a day.

We started our second dose of Maintenance Therapy in Late November and have handled it very well. There are swings in energy that we are still dealing with but much more manageable than the first dose.

We moved Michele’s home office back to the “original room” to where we launched our business 15+ years ago. A lot of declutter and shedding of all the old and started with a clean pallet! New paint, new furniture, new vibe! The energy in the room is phenomenal.

One thing that Cancer/Leukemia taught her was she needed to be more “light-weight” in her work. I am really proud of her for the transformation she has made to being 100% digital now and how she is working to improve daily!


Her hair is coming in nice and thick! We are waiting for the length to start coming in. Thankfully, we have wigs to help through the awkward length. Mine will continue to be under a razor.

They say your hair texture will change after chemo. It is thicker to the touch and coming in wavy. We have had many funny discussions about why her scalp hurts from sleeping in her short hair. I realized that just the guys know what that feels like. It is a length now that she can put a little product in it and start to style it. She still won’t put it into a fauxhawk yet. I am still working on it!

Bella, our latest addition to the family!

Megan and Jonathan Yeakey brought Isabella Marie Yeakey into the world early on December 7th, 2022. She is of course a beautiful baby. Just a week in and she is a very calm baby (around the grandparents). A new life…

Our oldest granddaughter, Aubrey Kinney, recently turned Thirteen. I remember traveling to Austin to celebrate her arrival in the world. Time travels both slowly and fast. This week has me thinking how short we are in this world. In a few years, Aubrey will be able to drive, and Bella will be preparing for school. I was remembering when we moved to Maryland many years ago and Andrew was just learning to walk. It is all a blur in between.

Bella is our newest reminder that Life begins anew with a new child. We take all that we have been and place it behind us. Another beautiful life ahead.


2 thoughts on “Cruising into the Holidays!

  1. God is good! And congratulations on your new addition to the family. She is Beautiful. What a blessing.๐Ÿ’–


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